Win Passes to ChuckTV: The Movie!

From the creators of the Attitude Adjustment Hour and the First Word at 4… Comes a full-length feature film that we probably had no business making…

Chuck Nowlin is not only the affable afternoon DJ at one of Boston’s most storied radio stations, he’s also a man with a dream.

A dream of one day taking his highly rated radio program to the silver screen.

From humble beginnings as a web-based video series on, ChuckTV is ready to take the obvious next step – Hollywood!

No budget, no actors, no direction, no problem! Boston’s Classic Rock, 100.7 WZLX presents ChuckTV: The Movie, and we want you to join us for the world premiere on Wednesday night, November 16th, at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts. You can’t buy tickets to this star-studded event, you can only win them through WZLX and

Enter below to win a pair of tickets to see Chuck Nowlin, Kevin Karlson, Pete McKenzie, Carter Alan, Kenny Young, Scott Zolak, Tony Massarotti, Cha Chi Loprete, and more, as they star in their first – and quite possibly their last – major motion picture debut!

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