Kevin Karlson's Daughter’s Spring Break Was CANCELLEDKevin noted the only island she’ll be visiting will be the one in the kitchen. To make it even worse, all of her friends made it.
Winter Isn’t Nice To JacksonBetween another jump start of his dying car and the recent snow storm over the weekend, Jackson is going 0-2 against old man winter.
Viral Video Shows Guy Snowboarding Through Manhattan Being Pulled By A JeepOne resident of the Big Apple decided that he was the hero the city needed at the height of the blizzard.
ChuckTV: Chuck's Human Space SaverIf space savers are so great in claiming parking... What else could they be good at saving? Chuck Nowlin decided to find out in this week's edition of ChuckTV.
Jackson Buried His Head In SnowInspired by the NH man that was trapped for 3 hours under snow and a caller who suggested it, Jackson was sent out to bury his head in snow with the help of Mike. Listen to the call.
The Massachusetts is Basically the Arctic Circle Now [PHOTOS]Boston Harbor, Dorchester Bay, and other bodies of water near the Mass. coast are covered in "sea ice" now, resembling the Arctic Ocean more than the Atlantic. Click through to check out more incredible photos.
Are You Making Money Off the Cold Weather?Some people are getting creative with making money off this cold snowy weather. One talked to the man behind "ShipSnowYo" which ships snow from Boston to anyone in the country.
Will Kevin Roof-Rake This Weekend?Pete showed Kevin how to use his roof rake so Kevin could take care of his house with it. Listen to the hilarity that ensued in the studio.
Does That Make Me A Bad Person? (Snow Edition)From the police logs to phone calls, some people just have a hard time dealing with all the white stuff.
Snow Bank Jumping and Space SaversBoston residents have had enough with the snow and decided to jump into snow banks and made national headlines. We also hear from a man with some space saver tips.
The Snow Ruined Valentine's Day Weekend [PHOTOS]There's GOT to be a better way to spend Valentine's Day than this. Another snowstorm and bitter cold put a damper on this year's Valentine's plans in Boston.
Cure Your Cold With AlcoholThese drinks double as cold remedies in the harsh winter.

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