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This Guy’s AC/DC Halloween Light Show Blows All Other Lighting Displays Out of Water [VIDEO]

Complex light shows are much more common at Christmastime than Halloween, but this guy Naperville, Illinois doesn’t care – his Halloween light show blows just about everything else out of the water. Here’s his version of “Hells Bells” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.


Chuck Berry performs during a concert celebration for his 60th birthday at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 17, 1986.  The concert is being filmed for a motion picture documentary titled "Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll."  (AP Photo/James A. Finley)

Watch Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Others Perform at Chuck Berry’s 60th Birthday Concert in 1986

Rock & roll wouldn’t be what it is today without Chuck Berry. Everyone knew that as far back as 1986, when a group of big-name rock stars performed with him for his 60th birthday. Watch some classic clips from “Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll”.


In this publicity image released by FremantleMedia N.A., host Steve Harvey, is shown with the Foster family during a taping of the game show, "Family Feud." (AP Photo/FremantleMedia N.A.)

‘Family Feud’ Just Had One Of Its Filthiest Moments Ever [VIDEO]

Every now and then a contestant blurts out something dirty on “Family Feud”. They just had an all-timer recently, when a woman was asked which part of her husband’s body she would change if she could. You won’t believe what body part she said.


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Here’s The Science Behind Why Pizza is So Delicious [VIDEO]

Why is even the worst slice of pizza still undeniably delicious? This above video explains the chemistry behind each of the individual ingredients and how they all come together for a symphony of amazing taste.


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A Cop Got Caught on Video Trying to Get a Kid to Admit to Smoking Pot

Sneaky sneaky! A police officer pulled a kid over with a couple friends – and a frisbee – in the car, and in a roundabout way tried to get him to admit to smoking weed and having weed in his car.


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Bill Belichick Fumbles With Microphone After Win Over Bills: ‘Stupid Thing’

Bill Belichick and his Patriots had little trouble with the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. But the head coach did have some issues with a microphone following the 37-22 victory.


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Canucks Anthem Singer Straps on Skates, Immediately Face-Plants on the Ice [VIDEO]

This is why the Bruins don’t let Rene Rancourt wear skates. The Canucks’ national anthem singer decided to take things up a notch by skating while he performed. This turned out to be a terrible and hilarious idea.


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Watch the Beatles’ Original “Hey Jude” Promo Video from 1968

The Beatles premiered a promo video for the iconic “Hey Jude” on this day in 1968. Click through to watch the original clip.


In this video game image released by Warner Bros., a scene is shown from "Mortal Kombat." (AP Photo/Warner Bros.)

This is Basically the First 5 Seconds of Every Fighting Game [VIDEO]

You know the feeling when you play a fighting game for the first time: you’re just making sure you have all the controls down, figuring out which buttons jump and block, and BAM your opponent “accidentally” punches you in the face. Then it’s ON! These guys just recreated that perfectly.


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Bill Burr Has a Cynical Take on Women and the NFL

Bill Burr is well-known for his many routines on relationships with women, as well as being a football fanatic. So here’s his take on why he believes women are trying to take over the NFL from men.




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