Patriots Super Bowl LI Parade Scheduled For TuesdayThe city of Boston has scheduled the celebratory parade for Tuesday starting at 11 a.m., Boston mayor Marty Walsh announced shortly after Tom Brady and Bill Belichick hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Best GoPro Video: Skiing Down an EscalatorHe had a GoPro and a pair of skis, so why not?
#Trending: High Voltage Ejector Bed Gives Sleepers A Rude AwakeningInventor Colin Furze has come up with a surefire way to get you up in the morning -- because with this invention, you really and truly don't have a choice.
Kelly Osbourne Is Feeling the Wrath of the Internet After a Racist Comment on "The View"Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly said something incredibly stupid that came off as racist and insensitive. And naturally, she's facing the wrath of social media.
Recorder Rocker Strikes Again!A few weeks ago, a video went viral of a man playing recorder to ZZ Top while stuck in traffic. Apparently he's been continuing his "performances" regularly around LA.
This Guy Crushed His Best Friend's Car for Sleeping With His Ex...and Posted It on FacebookThis guy crushed his best friend's car monster truck-style for sleeping with his ex. And he posted it on Facebook for your entertainment! Check out the hilarious photo.
This Is What Happens When You Try To Cut A Watermelon With A SwordNote: when trying to show off to your friends this summer, maybe slicing fruit with a sword isn't the way to go.
Watch Jimmy Fallon Parody James Taylor - With the Help of the REAL James TaylorLocal music legend James Taylor may make somber music, but he's known to goof off at times. Watch him perform a parody of his own music along with Jimmy Fallon on the "Tonight Show".
A Guy Turned His Fart Into a Symphony [VIDEO]Apparently it's possible to fart musical chords.
Gene Simmons Would Be Impressed By This Girl's Potential World-Record TongueGene Simmons may not have the World Record for longest tongue, but he definitely has the most FAMOUS tongue in the world. Surely he'd be impressed by this girl's tongue, which she says is the new record-holder.
Scott Weiland Says He's "Been Off Drugs for 13 Years" While Looking and Sounding HorribleScott Weiland continues to insist he's been sober for 13 years. But his latest video interview suggests otherwise.
"The Price is Right" Gave a Treadmill to a Woman in a Wheelchair [VIDEO]It's hard to blame the producers of "The Price is Right" for this, but in a case of horrible luck for both the show and the contestant, the woman who got to play this particular game happened to be in a wheelchair. And one of the prizes happened to be a new treadmill.

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