Kevin Ate How Many Pies on Thanksgiving?Everyone the show had a great Thanksgiving but I guess Kevin "takes the pie" with all the different types of pie he ate on Turkey Day.
Do You Like Alice's Restaurant?The show seems divided over whether they actually like the 18 minute song "Alice's Restaurant" that routinely plays on Thanksgiving.
8 Out of 10 People Say Leftovers Are The Best Part of Hosting ThanksgivingNo, it's not inviting family and friends into your home. According to most people, capitalizing on leftovers is the best thing about hosting Thanksgiving dinner.
Robert Plant & Mumford & Sons Are Part Of A Bonnaroo Thanksgiving SpecialEven if you didn't make it to Bonnaroo this year, you still have a lot to be thankful for.
K&M Recap Part of the Meat & GreetHear the show recap part of the night by talking with the Chef and Pete's recording of the Gravy Toss!
8 Times Turkeys Fought Back Against Humans [VIDEOS]Americans eat so any turkeys on Thanksgiving, it's a wonder why the birds have never battled back. Well, they have - but on a smaller scale!
Massachusetts Preparing For Thanksgiving Travel CrunchMassachusetts transportation officials say they are ready for the expected Thanksgiving holiday travel crunch.
It's Going To Cost A Little More To Stuff Your Face This Turkey DayThanksgiving dinner costs are on the rise this year.
The Undertaker Tombstones A Guy Dressed Like A Turkey In Honor Of ThanksgivingBecause honestly, what says Thanksgiving better than a grown man pile-driving another grown man dressed in a turkey suit, into the ground
Tony V Visits K&M To Talk PiesTony V is partnering with Community Servings to help ill low income families have a meal on Thanksgiving.
Kiss Got "Screwed Over" in the Thanksgiving Day Parade [VIDEO]Paul Stanley was not happy with their performance, but it had nothing to do with the band. Watch their performance here.
Fat Guy's Guide to Thanksgiving LeftoversNow unless you're Kevin and Pete, the chances that you've got left over food from your holiday table is pretty high. There's the traditional turkey sandwiches and turkey soups, but it wouldn't be very big and fat of us to limit left over dishes to just the conventional.

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