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How Far Would You Go For Your Employer?Cumberland farms clerk sacrifices it all for a cardboard cutout!!
Labor Pain Simulator [VIDEO]Women get pay back!
History Of TV Theme Songs [VIDEO]I miss the "All In A Family" theme...
The "Look Who Decided To Show Up" Supercut! [VIDEO]Don't arrive late in a movie or a TV show. Someone's gonna call you out on it!
Mike Tyson Is A Prostitute Hunter?!Iron Mike inadvertently comes up with an awesome new TV drama.
Amazing Stupidity Captured at 2500 Frames Per Second! [VIDEO]
Remembering the Monkees' Davy Jones via YouTube
The Very Best Of TV's Worst "Very Special" Episodes
If Karlson & McKenzie Were Dogs
The Cops In Turkey Aren't That Smart
This Dog Is Really Bad At Humping
Happy "Talk Like William Shatner" Day!
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