What Will You Buy On Amazon Prime Day? 10 Weird Things For Sale on AmazonAmazon is having a super sale to celebrate their 20th anniversary, so now's the perfect time to buy that yodeling pickle you've always wanted.
Pete's Nap Time, And His Wife And Daughter's Strange Shopping TripPete's daughter interrupts his nap. Pete's wife & daughter meet an extra friendly salesperson while shopping.
Kevin and Pete Sing "Baby It's Cold Outside"Kevin and Pete bring you this Christmas classic like you've never heard it before, then Heather & Braden have a go!
K&M Are Going To Learn How To Give A Massage... TO EACH OTHER! What is the sign of a good massage, Kevin? Heather is forced to participate in the drawing of names to see who's giving whom a massage on the show. Guess who wants Heather to massage them...
A Scary Japanese Tire Commercial [VIDEO]Japanese tire commercial scares customers away.
Stranger Is Forced Into A Pillow Fight [VIDEO]Confused stranger accepts impromptu pillow fight challenge!
How To Fight A Baby: A Tutorial [VIDEO]Babies are dangerous. Be prepared.
Mike's Golf Shop Has The Greatest Commercial Ever [VIDEO]This Mike fella ain't gonna waste money on his TV advertisement pushing his business. This is no-frills production... he doesn't even HAVE A CAMERAMAN.
Female Rugby Fan Sniffs Player's Shorts... While He's Watching! [VIDEO]A rugby fan gets a very unusual souvenir.
Man Born With No Forearms And One Leg Rocks Out On The Drums [VIDEO]The Foo Fighters never sounded so good!
When Mom Leaves Kids Turn Into Monkeys [VIDEO]A 3 and 4-year-old scale the wall for candy!
Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald Checks In To Recap His Game 1 Experience At Fenway Park Our boy Fitzy calls in to recap last night's awesome night at Fenway!

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