SixX Strings: DORO's Next Album Will Be In the Vein of 'Triumph and Agony'This German born vocalist is much more complex than maybe people give her credit.  She has managed to avoid extinction in the ever-volatile music world, let alone the heavier genres. 
SixX Strings: Marty Friedman and His Musical Union of Two Worlds.Marty Friedman is taking his time making music, no matter how fast his fingers need to move just to play it. 
SixX Strings: Lamb of God is Still Metal Royalty!Randy Blythe commands a stage like no other frontman in the heavy music world. 
SixX Strings: Ted Nugent Thinks the Worst Enemy in Politics is the RepublicansNot only does this guitar slinger lay waste to the audience at his rock shows, but he also lays the same to the elected officials that are attempting to lead this country we all hold so close to heart.
SixX Strings: Shaman's Harvest Has Taken a Big, Deep, BreathIn life, there is a tension that is sometimes dark, gritty, and not quite ready to let you out of its grip.  It will build slowly and come into the forefront regardless if it is the right time or not.
SixX Strings: Corey Feldman - Is He the Rogue Avant-Garde Artist He Thinks He Is?It seems to be that Corey Feldman’s music career is what is getting the most attention as of late.  That attention has not been all that favorable though.  To be honest, it has been downright negative and aggressive. 
SixX Strings: Adrenaline Mob's Mike Orlando Doesn't Care About Flying a Flag for Either Side.Things are a bit off kilter as of late in this country we all call home.  There seems to be a new rift popping up daily amongst the masses.  Where does it end?  How do we get through it all? 
SixX Strings: We're All In This Together with Walter TroutThis August, Walter Trout is releasing his 26th album titled ‘We’re All In This Together’ via Provogue Records.  With the help of no less than fourteen of his musical friends, this new album is set to showcase the one man’s vision; a man who is the beating heart of the modern blues world.
SixX Strings: Ronnie Baker Brooks - Times Have ChangedRonnie Baker Brooks is bringing his modern style of music to the ears of blues fans everywhere that are yearning for a current take on the legendary styles of the past.
SixX Strings: Diamond Head is Shining Once AgainThe band Diamond Head has been making music for a long time, actually over 40 years.  For most bands, that is a sign of accomplishment.  This British heavy metal band’s career length isn’t exactly their biggest legacy though. 
SixX Strings: Eric Johnson is Making a Wider HorizonEric Johnson has had an amazing and creatively rewarding career.
SixX Strings: Carrot Top's Rock-n-Roll Comedy ShowMusic seems to be every bit a part of Carrot Top’s being as is his red hair.

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