The Pickles And Lobster Senseless SurveyReady for the Wednesday edition of our Senseless Survey?
Senseless Survey: ZZ Bottom, Rolling R's, Al Gores Smooth Jazz CDThe Segment you love, listen to how many questions Kevin can get through with the days caller
Senseless Survey: Must Read LOL, Old Fashioned MarriagesThe 7:15 Senseless Survey. If you missed it, we got it.
Senseless Survey: Homeless Denim, Twitter IQ Limits & More!Today's Senseless Survey is sure to shock and awe you.
Senseless Survey: Sex Hotlines, The Dinner Roll Program & An Alcoholic PrayerA can't miss edition of the Senseless Survey!
Senseless Survey: Barbershop Angels, Chili Stains & IguanasImagine Kevin calling you unexpectedly and you'll know how this woman feels. Our hearts go out to her.How many inanse
Senseless Survey: Bus Drivers, Deep Thoughts & Cat ThreesomesThis installment has some interesting questions which almost have the caller stumped for answers
Senseless Survey: It's Sexy Time!
Senseless Survey: Gerbils By The Pound & The Devil's OreoAre you ready for another round of the Senseless Survey? No? Well, it's here anyways!
Senseless Survey: Pornstar Names, Tim Tebow & Self-Checkout!Another interesting time on the phone as Karlson does this edition of the Senseless Survey!
Senseless Survey: Massages, Ryan Gosling & White UnderwearKevin asks this lady about massages, awkward elevator rides, cans of whoop ass, white underwear, and Ryan Gosling.
Senseless Survey: Saggy Peaches, Secret Coloring Books & Chef BoyardeeAnother daily installment of Senseless Survey. Let's see how long the caller will stay on the line with Kevin this time.

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