Tap Water Shaming Senseless SurveyKevin rang up a guy that right off the bat sounded skeptical of what Kevin was going to ask based his response.
The Curtains Senseless SurveyAfter a day off and refreshed with lots of questions to get to, a man picked up the phone and Kevin went right to it.
What Size Are You Senseless SurveyFinally, someone answered the phone!
Knocking Smiles Senseless SurveySecond day in a row where a call went to voicemail so another number was dialed and the Survey begun.
The Pickles And Lobster Senseless SurveyReady for the Wednesday edition of our Senseless Survey?
Raising The Voice Senseless SurveyReady for this Tuesday version of the Senseless Survey?
Arm Fat Senseless SurveyAfter stating that last week wasn’t good for the Survey, Kevin had the phone ringing and a woman picked up the phone.
Another Quick Friday Senseless SurveyKevin rang up a guy who seemed distracted by the phone call and annoyed when he said to Kevin “Do You Know what time it is?”
The Redhead Senseless SurveyThe random call this morning was to a woman who said it’s fine to take the survey.
The Greatest Survey Senseless SurveyHump Day is here and so were the Senseless questions Kevin had ready to ask to unsuspecting people.
The Big Sigh Senseless SurveyThe heat must be really getting to people because the guy who picked up the call get a little testy towards the end….or it’s just the senseless questions.
The Mysterious Bruise Senseless SurveyOne woman is probably regretting picking up the phone on a Monday which was because Kevin was on the other line.

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