Senseless Survey

Senseless Survey DL

Your Hump Day Senseless Survey

Kevin just went on a roll at the end which probably didn’t help. Take a listen.

21 hours ago

Senseless Survey DL

The “How Much Would You Pay for a Blanket?” Senseless Survey

This Senseless Survey actually got really, truly senseless towards the end. Take a listen.


Senseless Survey DL

The Classic Rock Classic Senseless Survey

Just because K&M are on-site at the Classic Rock Classic doesn’t mean they didn’t have time to do a Senseless Survey! Listen to the ridiculousness.


Senseless Survey DL

The “Friday” Senseless Survey

Usually Friday Surveys can be hassle getting someone on the line. Today we had a problem so Kevin though it was Friday. Listen to the hilarity.


Senseless Survey DL

The Heavy Breathing Senseless Survey

This guy had some weird answers but Kevin noticed something he pointed out causing the hang up. Hear the results.


Senseless Survey DL

The “No” Senseless Survey

This woman kept saying “no” but Kevin kept asking questions. Take a listen.


Senseless Survey DL

Start Your Week A Little Senseless…

This Monday Survey lasted a little longer than others but find out which question ended it.


Senseless Survey DL

The “Is This A Joke?” Senseless Survey

Yes sir. Yes it is. Listen to this guy who couldn’t believe these questions.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Personal Pizza Senseless Survey

This woman went for awhile but this pizza question got her. Take a listen.


Senseless Survey DL

Here’s Your Deflate-less Senseless Survey

This kept asking is it over……well is it? Take a listen.