The Elevator Senseless Survey!From eating Mexican food that looks like it’s been ate, women losing weight by doing eyerolls, the yoga pose shoving hands full of cereal in your mouth and a cat thinks it will always be better than you are some of the questions that started to set off alarms in his head.
Get Senseless in the Snow with the Senseless Survey!Carlos was the lucky(or unlucky depending on how you look at it) caller for the Senseless Survey today.
The Emergency Contact Senseless SurveyThis guy said yes to the survey but was probably regretting that after the first question about watching his life backwards and beer cans.
The Lyme Senseless SurveyThis man picked up the Senseless Survey call and sounded very confident in his answers from the beginning...
The Confused Senseless SurveyToday’s vict... I mean caller was a woman and her first question was “Did you take an Uber from pound town?” which set it off on a good note because it went right over her head.
The Have Another For Me Senseless SurveyThis was the last survey from down in Houston for Kevin and the man today was skeptical right off the bat.
The Gluten Free Senseless SurveyThis woman wanted to know what this was and reluctantly agreed to it when Kevin dialed her up this morning.
The Smoothie Senseless SurveyHave you ever met a guy named Bret you liked? And do you like to wrap stuff in bacon? These were a few of the questions before this guy was already asking what was going on with these.
The First Hang Up In Houston Senseless SurveyAfter a few questions including one about “the vapors”, Kevin went into titles of new Charlie Brown specials which really got this woman thinking.
The Crying Naked Senseless SurveyKevin didn’t waste anytime getting into the senseless questions including hating to dream about work at work, fear of going to bathroom in prison and people are like snowflakes which started to set off some bells in his head.
The Nips Senseless SurveyKevin thought he could still slip in another question but it did not work.
The Supervisor Senseless SurveyKevin was upfront with the guy telling him it’s not a sales call.

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