Middle School Senseless SurveyHear Ken's new intro music, featuring his 8th grade class from Beckwith Middle School!
The Angry Man Senseless SurveyThis man was very angry from the beginning all the way until he hung up, but Kevin kept on asking until it was over.
Horse Shoe Senseless SurveyCould this Senseless Survey be lucky?
Smelling Eyelashes Senseless SurveyThis guy was not impressed with Kevin's line of questioning from the beginning.
The Cuba Senseless SurveyLaughing through most of her answers, when Kevin asked her about Cuba Gooding Jr., she hung up mid laugh.
Ice Cream Sandwich Senseless SurveyOne question about eating ice scream sandwiches for breakfast stirred up a discussion on what Kevin ate for breakfast one morning.
Are You Santa? Senseless SurveyYou better watch out.. You better not cry... Not like the Senseless Survey with this guy...
Zima vs Crystal Pepsi Senseless SurveyPour yourself a glass of cool, refreshing Senseless Survey!
The Tickle Fight Senseless SurveyThis guy didn't know what he was in for when he picked up the phone and Kevin was on the other line.
Your Turkey Gas Senseless SurveyThe woman today put up with lots of senseless questions from Kevin this morning.
Carb Loading Senseless SurveyUnlike your Thanksgiving dinner, today's Senseless Survey is low in calories!
Pilgrim Porn Senseless SurveyThis Thanksgiving, recount the wonderful world of pilgrim pornography with today's Senseless Survey!

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