The Barking Senseless SurveyToday's Senseless Survey was a whopping two pages long. See how long Kevin's latest victim held on for.
An Impostor Senseless SurveyThe show came across someone in the deep heart of Texas ripping off our Senseless Survey. Hear their version and what Kevin, Pete and Heather have to say about it.
Can You Hear Me? Senseless SurveyThe survey started off rough when Kevin had to ask if the guy could hear him.
The Hard to Swallow Senseless SurveyThe question that really made this survey was about swallowing something 7 times a year.
The Roman Numeral Senseless SurveyOne question at the end of the survey about roman numerals started a little discussion on the show.
Top 5 Senseless Surveys of 2015Now, we didn't pick these ourselves, instead we used the magic of the internet to find the five that you clicked on the most from 2015.
Can You Count? Senseless SurveyWe got another call today complaining about Heather not counting.
The Banana Senseless SurveyThis one question about a banana got the crew thinking afterwards. Hear it in all it's banana glory!
Tired Guy Senseless SurveyThis guy sounded really tired. Maybe he was up too late from the Patriots game. Listen to hear how far he got in the survey!
North Carolina, We Promise Kevin Karlson Wasn't Conducting Senseless Surveys In Your StateOne of the questions that was recently asked of North Carolinians sounds like it should be in the nonsensical survey that Kevin does each weekday on Karlson & McKenzie.
Going Into Labor Day Weekend Senseless with SurveyTake this survey with you and share amongst your friends this Labor Day weekend.
The Short, Short Senseless SurveyThis woman really didn't like anything Kevin had to say. Hear how short the survey was.

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