Senseless Survey


Senseless Survey 04.16.14: Awesome Water, Banana-Eating Techniques & Painful Red Balls

Karlson and McKenzie get out 9 questions to this sleepy man this morning and each one shows that they still have the creativity to confuse tired people.

100.7 WZLX–04/16/2014

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Senseless Survey 04.07.14 : Calendar Factories, Forrest Gump’s Password & Windbreakers

Kevin asked the guy who was mind- boggled seven questions.

100.7 WZLX–04/07/2014

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Senseless Survey 04.4.2014: House Hunters, Johnny Appleseed & Scary Babies

It’s another instalment of the Senseless Survey!

100.7 WZLX–04/04/2014

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Senseless Survey 04/01/14: Volunteer Sex, Half Scotch, 3D Waffle Printer

K&M get away with a lot of questions today but not as many as Kevin thought.

100.7 WZLX–04/01/2014

Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey 03.28.2014: Computer Crash, Blockbuster Late Fee, Eating Spiders

It was a quick but funny survey!

100.7 WZLX–03/28/2014

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Senseless Survey: Bread Perfume, Pearl Jam Veggies, Illegal Turtle Shells & “Press 1″

This is quite possibly the greatest Senseless Survey of all time!

100.7 WZLX–03/27/2014

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Senseless Survey 03.24.14 – Bananarama Ding Dong, Slutty Virgins, & Glovebox Gloves!

Kevin got in 8 questions today before being hung up on. There were some great questions that got asked but the guy on the phone didn’t answer all of them the best he could. He really struggled on figuring out the median age of his household.

100.7 WZLX–03/24/2014

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Senseless Survey 03.19.14: Suspicious Cookies, Secret High Fives & Dumpling Butts

The Senseless Survey was a success today when K&M get this guy all flustered to the point where he starts to sound like a girl.

100.7 WZLX–03/19/2014

Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey 03.18.14: Plateaus, Big Ol’ Cups Of Stupid & Sea Pandas

The Senseless Survey was quite successful today when K&M rattle off a good amount of questions.

100.7 WZLX–03/18/2014

Senseless Survey DL

7:15 Senseless Survey 3/7: Shark Attacks, NASCAR, and Mardi Gras

Tune in for another exciting edition of the 7:15 Senseless Survey!

100.7 WZLX–03/07/2014