Country Club Senseless Survey
How Did Your Parents Make You Senseless SurveyWe cover all sorts of topics on the Senseless Survey... Like the birds & the bees!
A Completed Senseless Survey!A man actually put up with all the Senseless questions Kevin had for him today.
The Sweet Valley High Senseless SurveyShe started getting angry when we asked her about joggers, and went totally valley girl when questions about Dollar Store makeup started coming up.
The Bow Tie Senseless SurveyBow Ties: fashion statement, delicious pasta, and a question in today's Senseless Survey!
Halloween in July Senseless SurveyWith all the free candy, Kevin decided that Halloween twice a year wouldn't be such a bad thing...
Suck In Your Gut Senseless SurveyDon't lie during the Senseless Survey... We'll know, and we'll call you out for it!
Your Hump Day Senseless Survey Is Right Here!The Senseless Survey is no laughing matter.. Except for when it is...
The Superman Senseless SurveySenseless Survey Fun fact: Kevin Karlson has never been known as the Man of Steel...
The "Sharpie" Senseless SurveyThese poor people... Don't they know that there are very rarely "serious" questions in the Senseless Survey...
Speeding Ticket Senseless SurveyDid your last speeding ticket teach you something? Well, this Senseless Survey probably won't teach you anything either.
The Uh...Uh Senseless SurveyIt's okay... Take your time... Sometimes questions on the Senseless Survey can be a little difficult.

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