Senseless Survey

Tired Guy Senseless SurveyThis guy sounded really tired. Maybe he was up too late from the Patriots game. Listen to hear how far he got in the survey!
North Carolina, We Promise Kevin Karlson Wasn't Conducting Senseless Surveys In Your StateOne of the questions that was recently asked of North Carolinians sounds like it should be in the nonsensical survey that Kevin does each weekday on Karlson & McKenzie.
Going Into Labor Day Weekend Senseless with SurveyTake this survey with you and share amongst your friends this Labor Day weekend.
The Short, Short Senseless SurveyThis woman really didn't like anything Kevin had to say. Hear how short the survey was.
The 'Muppets' Senseless SurveyOne question stirred a little debate between K&M on the hottest Muppet. Yes, you read that correctly. Listen for the question and their debate.
The Tattooed Senseless SurveyThis man tried to get off the phone but kept answering. Listen to the tattoo Q&A.
The "Solar-Powered Hat" Senseless SurveyThis senseless question regarding a solar powered hat might have ended it but listen to the other great questions from today.
The "Where's My Coke Can?" Senseless SurveyMany great questions today including one about coke cans with names on them. Listen to the survey to ease into the weekend.
8.17.15 Senseless SurveyThe "Milk" Senseless Survey: This woman seemed annoyed at the beginning but it took a certain beverage to make her hang up.
"I Live In Indiana" Senseless SurveyThis guy didn't seem to get it but kept answering the questions anyways. See how long the man lasted.
The "Second Try" Senseless SurveyThe first caller Kevin called for the survey wasn't around so this woman was next. Listen to how long she lasted with these questions.
The Hump Day Senseless SurveyHow long can Kevin keep this guy on the line? Listen and find out!
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