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Senseless Survey: Gas Station Pregnancy Tests?

Do you have fond memories of a certain gas station where you took a pregnancy test?

13 hours ago

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Senseless Survey: Does Ebola Make You Want To Travel?

Which of these bands would you be most likely to see: Uranus Breeze, 20 Cans of Coke & Two Packs of Smokes, or Mean Babies? How about Gym Bags Full of Pot, Meth Mouth, or Moaning for Hitler?


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Senseless Survey: A Made-Up Sex Act Turns Out To Be Real!

Kevin gets through 20 Senseless Survey questions today. Also, a listener let the guys know that one of their made-up sex acts is actually real…The “Italian Chandelier” exists! Just don’t Google it at work…


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Senseless Survey: Performing a “Stuttering Rooster”

Kevin gets through a whopping TWENTY-THREE questions on today’s survey, including a record number of questions about fictional sex acts.


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Senseless Survey: Amnesia-Protected Computers

Kevin’s subject makes it through 12 questions on Friday – if you count all the weird sexual ones at the end. She actually gives some good, solid, honest answers before she realizes what she’s in for!


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Senseless Survey: Avoiding Embarrassment With Your PT Cruiser

Do you avoid valet parking your PT Cruise to avoid embarrassment? Would people tell you that you look like a cabbage patch kid? Do you feel guilty about drinking out of a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug?


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Senseless Survey: Eating Out Of A Soap Dish

Kevin’s subject today is actually quite cooperative – 12 questions total. Why do soap dishes exist if you can’t eat soap like food? And how many times a year on average do you google “How to dispose of a dead body”?


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Senseless Survey: How Does The Government Always Win The Lottery?

Kevin gets through 9 questions today. Doesn’t it bother you that the government always wins the lottery? And shouldn’t funeral directors tie the shoelaces of dead bodies together in the event of a zombie apocalypse?


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Senseless Survey: Adam Before Eve, Except After Steve?

Kevin’s subject couldn’t do more than the standard 30 seconds, but somehow stayed on the line for a whopping SEVENTEEN questions! Is pudding your favorite kind of yogurt?


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: Fat Tickets at the Sad Arcade

Isn’t playing Monopoly at McDonald’s just collecting fat tickets from a really sad arcade? Kevin gets through 10 questions on today’s survey.




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