How Kevin Dresses Senseless SurveyWe'd compare this Senseless Survey with ZZ Top, but we're not sure if Kevin Karlson is considered a "Sharp Dressed Man."
The Gummy Bear Senseless SurveyGet out your Gummy Berry juice kids... It's time for the Senseless Survey!
The Middle of Road Senseless Survey!Sometimes a Senseless Survey is smack dab in the middle of the road. This isn't one of them.
The Bouncy Senseless SurveyYeah, this Survey has a little more bounce than most...
Your Mother's Lingerie Senseless SurveyWell, it is October... We can get a little creepy on the Senseless Survey, right? #Halloween
The 4 Hour Senseless SurveyWhen we say we're not going to take up much of your time, "much" is a relative value.
Reverse Question Senseless SurveySometimes we like to go backwards in the Senseless Survey...
Your Alibi Senseless SurveyNeed an alibi? Listen to the Senseless Survey for yours and maybe Pete will vouch for you.
The British Senseless SurveyIn this Senseless Survey, we take it across the pond... Pip, pip, cheerio, and all that rot!
The Family Feud Senseless SurveySenseless Survey Says....!
The Nun Senseless SurveyThis could be the first Senseless Survey that's worth a ruler on the knuckles...
The Chipmunk Senseless SurveyToday's Senseless Survey is approved by Alvin, Simon, AND Theodore!

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