Senseless Survey

Senseless Survey DL

Kick Off Your Weekend with a Senseless Survey

Should there be a Wiki-leaks for family recipes? Should movie theaters sell weed? Should pretzel bags on planes be filled with fries?


Senseless Survey DL

Time To Get Senseless with the Senseless Survey

Your daily Senseless Survey for Thursday. Still have your Blockbuster card? Interesting drunk? Ever ate eggs from the same hen?


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: Seafood at Seaworld

Last time you made a blanket fort? Creepy Sea World has a seafood restaurant?


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: Baby Head Cologne

Are you OK Today? Would you buy “top of baby head”-scented cologne? Is it not a party if someone doesn’t use the fire extinguisher?


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: Liam Neeson to the Rescue

Have you ever wished you had Liam Neeson to settle your student loans? Go days eating anything but butter? Ever held wine with feet?


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: Would You Try a Deep-Fried Cigarette?

Your Senseless Survey for today. Listen. Enjoy. Pass it on.


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: Kevin Wins a Guy Over With His Ridiculous Questions

Instead of ruining the person’s morning, Kevin’s Senseless Survey questions actually seemed to win this guy over. You know, important questions like ‘Do you think the guy who invented folding chairs would be upset by the way they’re being used in the WWE?’


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: Burp-Shirts and Chin-Bangs

Kevin gets through 13 Senseless Survey questions today, like ‘Wouldn’t you agree that beards are just chin-bangs?’ and ‘Do you own a burp-shirt?’


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: The Pope-Cycle?

Kevin gets through 12 questions today, like ‘Would you be comfortable with the Pope riding a Harley?’


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey: The Nipple Population

Kevin gets through 17 Senseless Survey questions, such as “Does it excite you to think that there are more nipples in the world than people?”




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