The Tent Senseless SurveyLet's roast some marshmallows by the fire and listen to the latest Senseless Survey.
Ian's Senseless SurveyYes, sometimes we take question suggestions from listeners for the Senseless Survey!
The Doorbell Senseless SurveyDing Dong! Who's there? It's the Senseless Survey!
Jackson's Senseless SurveyOut of the kindness of Kevin's heart, he dedicated this survey to Jackson. Did it throw Kevin off thought?
"What, Wha?!" Senseless SurveyThe best part of waking up... Is the Senseless Survey!
The Surfing Senseless SurveyHang ten with today's Senseless Survey!
Chocolate Coin Senseless SurveyChocolate coins won't buy you much, but they are delicious.. Much like today's Senseless Survey!
The Pool Noodle Senseless SurveyWe are all about aquatic activities in the summer time here at the Senseless Survey.
In a Rush Senseless SurveySometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses, and listen to the Senseless Survey...
Tater Tots Senseless SurveyAnd what's with tater tots? We find out in today's Senseless Survey!
The "Palcoholic" Senseless SurveyWhat do you call your drinking buddies?
Iced Coffee Senseless SurveyIt's hot, why not try a cool pick-me-up like today's Senseless Survey?

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