The Cheeseburger Hair Senseless SurveyThis guy wanted to know what information Kevin was looking for but decided to keep answering.
The Potty Senseless SurveyAfter not knowing where her water comes from, Kevin got into real Senseless questions from mumbling to toilet paper to a squatty potty which she immediately hung up on.
The Hair Dryer Senseless SurveyToday got a hold of someone after one failed phone call and this guy seemed okay with it.
The Girdle Senseless SurveyFrom taser tag to being broke for food after Christmas, Mermaids that stink to hot showers.
The Dilemma-aid Senseless SurveyWe actually got someone to pick up the phone on a Monday that people usually have off.
The Candle Lighter Senseless SurveyThis guy wanted the Senseless Survey mailed to him but Kevin quickly shot that down.
The Drapes Senseless SurveyKevin tried to blame Heather for the last question.
Leave Heather Alone Senseless SurveyWe got a call from former producer Big Head Braden telling the guys to leave Heather alone.
The Face Senseless SurveyHeather wanted to know what Kevin’s bacon face looks like.
The Doorknob Senseless SurveyThis woman guessed this would be a harmless phone call from Kevin today but she figured out the senseless questions had nothing to do with anything.
The Appliance Name Senseless Survey
The Hamster Senseless SurveyShe hung up right before Kevin asked about Mariah Carey.

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