Watch Out! Senseless SurveyKevin did his random calling thing and get a hold of a woman that asked what number he was trying to call but she went with it anyways.
The Experience Tattoo Senseless SurveyKevin was calling folks at random, and today the random folk was a guy that had to answer a question of when was the last time he saved the day. He didn’t understand it.
The Spaghetti Spoon Senseless SurveyOne awful voicemail later, a new number was rung up for Kevin to spew his senseless questions down the phone line to someone and today a young woman answered.
The Chewy Underwear Senseless SurveyKevin rang up a guy who told him he didn’t have the time and hung up on him! I guess the struggling Friday for survey’s continues but Kevin tried again and a guy picked up the phone.
The Rain Man Senseless SurveyKevin dialed up the phone and after a couple rings, a man picked up the phone telling Kevin to “go on” with the survey.
The Fun in Funeral Senseless SurveyAfter making a second call to dial up someone for the survey, a woman picked up the phone agreeing to take it.
The Animal in Bed Senseless SurveyKevin was able to get a hold of a guy to take the survey this morning.
The Nail Salon Senseless SurveyKevin rang up a lovely woman today and it was a good one. She reluctantly agreed to take the survey and immediately start laughing at some of the questions.
The Kielbasa Senseless SurveyKevin dials this one up from the Drive for Charity at McGolf in Dedham and finds a willing participant with some spare time.
The Nail Senseless SurveyKevin rang up a guy who had a little wind going through his phone mouthpiece telling him his caller number before launching into the questions.
The Basement Senseless SurveyShould bananas have loud wrappers and candy have soft wrappers?
The Haircut Senseless SurveyThis guy hung up when asked what if haircuts hurt which started a quick discussion

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