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Senseless Survey

Senseless Survey DL

Thursday Senseless Survey

Kevin was a little heated going into the call over the fire alarm getting pulled at the Patriots Hotel in Arizona but he calmed himself.

9 hours ago

Senseless Survey DL

Shoveling Some Senseless Survey

This guy was in a hurry and seemed angry but Kevin got through 8 questions. Take a listen.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Snowy Senseless Survey

This woman lasted longer than we thought. Take a listen.


Senseless Survey DL

This Was One Angry Man Getting a Survey

We are surprised how long this man lasted. Are you? Take a listen.


Senseless Survey DL

Head into the Weekend Senseless…

Here is the Senseless Survey for you to enjoy while you have no legit football this weekend.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Thursday Senseless Survey

This woman probably wished she never answered her phone while in the shower.


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey For Your Hump Day

One hangs up, the other stays on for the punishment. Take a listen.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Daily Dose of Senseless Survey

Would you go to a pet sitting service “Luke Dogwalker?” Are you able to sense when a nip slip is coming on?


Senseless Survey DL

Your Hump Day Senseless Survey

Ever made a cupcake run? For your last meal, Chili’s or Applebee’s?


Senseless Survey DL

Tuesday Senseless Survey For Your Pleasure.

This woman didn’t know what was in store for her.




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