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“Microwave” Senseless Survey

One question about a microwave started a very small debate after the survey. Hear it all.

14 hours ago

Senseless Survey DL

The “Ramparts” Senseless Survey

Kevin enjoyed using this word so much he wants us to use it today. Listen to how it went down.


Senseless Survey DL

The “Are You on Drugs?” Senseless Survey

This woman thought Kevin was on drugs today with his questions. Do you feel the same? Take a listen.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Friday Senseless Survey!

Here is the “staycation” survey to kick off your weekend. Take a listen!



“Family Recipe For Ice Cubes” Senseless Survey

Happy Pre-Friday! Get senseless with today’s Senseless Survey!


Senseless Survey DL

Another Hump Day Senseless Survey

How long did this go? Listen to find out.


Senseless Survey DL

Fresh Off Vacation Senseless Survey

Here is the new Senseless Survey and boy did go longer than everyone thought. Click and listen!


Senseless Survey DL

The “Stop!” Senseless Survey

This guy was not happy at all today during the Survey. Check it out!


Senseless Survey DL

The “Dentist Slogan” Senseless Survey

This specific slogan for a dentist office caused this person to hang up on Kevin. Listen to what it was.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Monday Senseless Survey

Listen to the latest Senseless Survey, in which Heather had to remind Kevin of the first question.