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Senseless Survey DL

Friday means Get Senseless!

Your latest Senseless Survey to get you into the weekend.

15 hours ago

Senseless Survey DL

Your Thursday Senseless Survey

This woman just didn’t understand but kept answering the questions anyway. Check out how long she lasted.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Hump Day Senseless Survey

Another Hump Day, another round of zany questions from the Dept. of Senseless Surveys. See how long this person lasted.


Senseless Survey DL

The Bargain Eye Exam Senseless Survey

This woman couldn’t stop giggling during the Survey. One question led to a discussion about eye exams at big box stores.


Senseless Survey DL

Your latest Senseless Survey for Monday

This woman lasted longer than we expected.


Senseless Survey DL

The “Wham Sauce” Senseless Survey

This guy put up with the survey for awhile but what caused him to hung up? Listen and find out.


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey Time!

This woman was answering pretty well until a certain question. Listen to find out what it was.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Hangover Hump Day Senseless Survey

Check out the survey from today where a woman couldn’t believe some of the questions.


Senseless Survey DL

“I Don’t Care” Senseless Survey

So much for a Happy St. Patrick’s Day survey. This guy didn’t seem to care but laughed a little. Check it out!


Senseless Survey DL

That Annoying Ringback Tone Senseless Survey

Kevin called someone for the Survey but got one of those annoying classical music ringback tones. He waited it out so he could ask these questions you will hear when you listen.