Scared Straight Santa

Scared Straight Santa

Scared Straight Santa Calls Olivia

Three-year-old Olivia has been naughty this year. She likes to push her brother around. Santa set her straight.


Scared Straight Santa

Santa Tries to Scare Patrick Straight

In this edition of Scared Straight Santa, Mr. Kringle tries to get Patrick to behave but Kevin thinks he is possessed.


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Scared Straight Santa Called Heather’s Son, With Hilarious Results

Santa called Bobby this morning to set him straight. Bobby took over getting Santa to sing happy birthday.


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Scared Straight Santa – Desean

Desean was the first boy to be Scared Straight by Santa Claus this year. How did he take it? Listen and find out.


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Scared Straight Santa With Simon!

Simon’s had a bad attitude lately! Santa tries to scare some sense into him and get him to do his chores!

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Scared Straight Santa: Bobby Wants to Leave Something Different For Santa

Santa calls Heather’s son Bobby to make sure he’s been a good boy.

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Scared Straight Santa: Santa Calls Heather’s Son Bobby

Santa calls Bobby to wish him a happy birthday!!!

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 13:  A boy wearing reindeer antlers looks on as Melbourne Town Hall is illuminated with Christmas projections as Melbourne lights up for Christmas on December 13, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Scared Straight Santa: Avery

Santa gets another child to change their bad habits in order to get presents this Christmas

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Scared Straight Santa: Timothy’s Tantrums

Santa calls Timothy who’s been naughty to try and help him get back on the nice list.

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Scared Straight Santa – Haley’s In Trouble

Santa calls up little Haley, who is kicking her parents and not going to bed on time. Will a call from the Jolly One himself set her straight?