Scared Straight Santa - JordanSanta had to call up Jordan because he has some "potty" issues that had to be addressed.
Ernie The Elf & Scared Straight Santa RETURN!Ernie the Elf and Scared Straight Santa returned to the show this morning to proclaim they are back for this holiday season!
Scared Straight JosieJosie is a very young lad who doesn't believe in Santa at all because there isn't any proof. Hear Santa call him and try to set him straight.
Scared Straight Santa Calls JacobSanta had to give naughty Jacob a call this morning to scare him straight into being a nice boy for Christmas.
Scared Straight Santa Calls GianiGiani likes to spit often and is a terrible habit for a little child so Santa gave him a call to scare him straight in time for Christmas.
Scared Straight Santa Calls CJSanta called a sleepy CJ this morning because he likes to be the class clown.
Scared Straight Santa Talks to KaelynKaelyn apparently is being fresh to her mom and has a little attitude at the age of 4.
Scared Straight Santa Calls TuckerScared Straight Santa called Tucker today because he was being naughty in hopes of scaring him into being a good boy for the holidays. Hear why he's been naughty.
Scared Straight Santa Talks to EmilyThis morning Emily was scared straight by Santa this morning because she likes to scream lyrics that are wrong out loud.
Scared Straight Santa Calls OliviaThree-year-old Olivia has been naughty this year. She likes to push her brother around. Santa set her straight.
Santa Tries to Scare Patrick StraightIn this edition of Scared Straight Santa, Mr. Kringle tries to get Patrick to behave but Kevin thinks he is possessed.
Scared Straight Santa Called Heather's Son, With Hilarious ResultsSanta called Bobby this morning to set him straight. Bobby took over getting Santa to sing happy birthday.

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