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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 16

Elton John played Boston Garden on this night in 1993. In ’92, he performed what song with Guns and Roses to close out the MTV Music Awards?

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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 15

On this day in 2003, Fleetwood Mac released its album “Say You Will.” How many original members remained in the band for that album


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 14

Happy birthday to Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple and Rainbow. When Rainbow finished its final tour in Japan in 1984, what extended classical piece did it perform with a symphony orchestra?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 13

In 1972 the Allman Brothers Band received a Gold album for “Eat a Peach.” It would eventually go Platinum on the strength of what two hits?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 12

Ozzy Osbourne got his star on the Hollywood Walk of fame on this day in 2002. Who delivered an induction speech, of sorts, at the ceremony?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 11

The Yardbirds played the Boston Tea Party on this night in 1968. This was the seminal English band that launched the careers of three of Classic Rock’s greatest guitar players: Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck. But which one played guitar at the Tea Party that night?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 10

On this day in 1976, Peter Frampton’s “Frampton Comes Alive” spent the 1st of ten weeks atop the Billboard Album chart in America. Of the album’s three hit singles, which one charted the highest in the U.S.?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 9

Jethro Tull played the Boston Tea Party on this night in 1969. How many times had they appeared in Boston previously?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 8

On this day in 1970, “Woodstock,” the movie premiered in London. Name the three prominent British acts that appeared on the soundtrack album. Note: Hendrix doesn’t count – he was from Seattle.


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: April 7

On this night in 1976 Lynyrd Skynyrd played the Orpheum. At that point, what was their most recent album?