Will Kevin Buy A Restaurant With His Brother In Law?Kevin has been badgered by his brother in law to go in on a restaurant with him. Kevin doesn’t know the first thing about running one except being a customer that eats and complains.
Kevin and His Wife Were Grossed Out During DinnerIt was supposed to be a nice evening out, until another couple a few tables over started... well...
Kevin Karlson Hates Little KidsKevin went out to dinner with his daughter before she went back to college but dinner was less than relaxing.
Do You Think This Waffle House Waitress Deserved A $1,000 Tip?A waffle House employee HAD a tip coming, until management stepped in.
The Hilltop Steakhouse Is Closing?!The iconic restaurant is closing and Jack Harper from Channel 5 spoke to people about it.
Teen Walks 10 Miles For Job Interview [VIDEO]
This Deer Really Wants Some Tacos [VIDEO]
This Is Not What They Meant By Drive-Thru
Lynyrd Skynyrd To Open Themed Restaurant In Las Vegas
And Now, Two Dogs Dining In A Busy Restaurant
Restaurant Woes

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