Queenie The Intern

A statue of Superman owned by Michael Ja

Life-Sized Remote Control Superman Takes To The Skies!

This is what they do for fun in California….

100.7 WZLX–01/03/2013

Senate Republicans Hold News Conference On GOP Jobs Bill

Scott Brown Calls In

Scott Brown calls in from the nation’s capitol.

100.7 WZLX–12/20/2012

Superbowl XXXVI  X

Jermaine Wiggins Talks Pats & Possible Playoff Pairings

Jermaine Wiggins calls in to discuss the Jacksonville game, and possible playoff match ups.

100.7 WZLX–12/20/2012

Celtic v Rangers

Kevin’s Sister In-Law Calls In

Kevin’s sister in-law, a police officer in Connecticut, calls in to discuss how Newtown is coping since the tragedy.

100.7 WZLX–12/20/2012

Preparations Are Made For The Commonwealth Day Service At Westminster Abbey

Heather’s Dial-A-Carol

Heather calls up someone on the nice list to sing for them.

100.7 WZLX–12/20/2012


Ernie The Christmas Elf – Kelsey

Ernie The Christmas Elf calls Kelsey to confront her on why she’s on the naughty list.

100.7 WZLX–12/20/2012


Senseless Survey: Extreme Catsitting, Gym Teachers & Your Memory Foam Pillow

How many questions can Kevin get through before the caller hangs up?

100.7 WZLX–12/20/2012

Connecticut Community Copes With Aftermath Of Elementary School Mass Shooting

WBZ Reporter Sera Congi and Listeners Call In

Phone Calls from WBZ Reporter Sera Congi and listeners about the tragedy in Newtown CT.

100.7 WZLX–12/17/2012

Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves

Dallas Mavericks Sing Sleigh Ride [VIDEO]

The Dallas Mavericks may be a good basketball team but that does not mean anyone on that team knows how to sing.

100.7 WZLX–12/17/2012


Ernie The Christmas Elf Calls Victor

Ernie calls Victor who’s on the naughty list because he likes to have wheel chair sex.

100.7 WZLX–12/13/2012