Pete Talked To ZLX Fans That Liked (And Disliked) Chuck NowlinWhile hanging out at Whiskey Priest before the big 30th WZLX House Party show, Pete ran into some listeners that really love Chuck and also really dislike Chuck. Take a listen to what they had to say.
Kevin Played "DJ Superlatives" With ZLX FansKevin was mingling with the fans during the big 30th WZLX House Party show and asked some superlative questions regarding the on air staff. He also came across a woman with a J Geils Band love story. Listen to them both.
The "Where's My Coke Can?" Senseless SurveyMany great questions today including one about coke cans with names on them. Listen to the survey to ease into the weekend.
Another Edition of "Does That Make Me a Bad Person?"This is a fun little game we play to help people decide if they've been naughty. Listen to these stories along with us.
Keith Richards Said What About The Beatles?!In a recent interview, Keith Richards had some interesting comments on one of the most celebrated albums by The Beatles. Listen to K&M read the quotes and react.
The "Second Try" Senseless SurveyThe first caller Kevin called for the survey wasn't around so this woman was next. Listen to how long she lasted with these questions.
Kevin Bacon Wants More Male Full-Frontal Nudity: "Free The Bacon"Kevin Bacon put out a PSA asking Hollywood to "release the bacon" - that is, show more male full-frontal nudity.
What The Bleep Did They Say?What the bleep did Pete say about a man grabbing his knees?
Chris Christie Talks About His Sex Life Because That's What We All Want to PictureChris Christie talks about his birth control methods. K&M discuss. And everyone gets a horrible picture in their mind.
Jackson Got Caught in the Hail StormTuesday brought a crazy thunderstorm with golf ball-sized hail to Boston - and Jackson got caught outside in it!
The Hump Day Senseless SurveyHow long can Kevin keep this guy on the line? Listen and find out!
Wanna Write a Book? Kevin Has an Idea for a Story About a ToadKevin has a story to sell about a toad that won't leave his front step. Listen to his pitch.

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