7 Weird Original Band NamesWould you listen to The Golliwogs? You probably have, they just (thankfully) changed their name first.
Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Nirvana's First Show EverPhotos have surfaced on Twitter of the first time Nirvana ever performed together, at a house show in 1987.
Roger Waters and Eric Clapton Together in Hartford, CT, 1984In 1984, Roger Waters and Eric Clapton launched 'The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking' tour together. Here are some photos from their first shows in the U.S., July 17 & 18 in Hartford, CT.
PHOTOS: Scenes From “Live Aid” in 1985The iconic "Live Aid" benefit concerts happened 30 years ago today. Check out photos from the historic shows and live broadcasts.
What Will You Buy On Amazon Prime Day? 10 Weird Things For Sale on AmazonAmazon is having a super sale to celebrate their 20th anniversary, so now's the perfect time to buy that yodeling pickle you've always wanted.
Here's Your First Look at the New 'Ghostbusters' Ecto-1 Car - IN BOSTON!Director Paul Feig has revealed the new "Ecto-1" car design for the new "Ghostbusters" movie - and it's in Boston! We have the photos to prove it.
Happy Birthday Ringo Starr! Check Out 30 Classic Photos of the Beatles LegendRingo Starr celebrates a major milestone today as he celebrates his 75th birthday! Check out 30 iconic photos from his legendary career with the Beatles and beyond.
Bill Murray Was At The Grateful Dead's Final Show In Chicago [PHOTOS]Bill Murray is an Illinois native, and apparently also a Deadhead.
This Guy Crushed His Best Friend's Car for Sleeping With His Ex...and Posted It on FacebookThis guy crushed his best friend's car monster truck-style for sleeping with his ex. And he posted it on Facebook for your entertainment! Check out the hilarious photo.
PHOTOS: Paul McCartney Performs at Firefly Festival in DelawarePaul McCartney headlined the annual Firefly Festival in Delaware over the weekend. Check out photos from the performance.
Boston Calling: 5 Must-See Bands for Classic Rock FansThere are many genres of music at Boston Calling - classic rock is not one of them. But you can still have a great time if you check out these classic rock-influenced bands.
PHOTOS: Meet the Cast & Crew of the Kinks BiopicHere's your first look at who will be playing the Davies brothers in the new biopic about The Kinks, as well as the director and other stars!

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