Pete McKenzie

Pete went to a bachelor party, but wouldn't tell us where. (Photo: WZLX)

Where In The World Is Pete McKenzie?

Pete took off in a hurry Thursday for a Bachelor Party but couldn’t divulge where he went…until now! Listen to how his trip is going.

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Pete on the Street DL

Pete on the Street: NCAA and Odds

Many brackets were busted yesterday so Pete took a different take on the odds of winning. Listen to his Q&A.


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Pete Ate What For Dinner?

Pete went out for dinner and it didn’t go so well. He was with the family and they were very picky as what they wanted. Listen to how it went down.


Pete McKenzie & the Rock N' Roll Patrol at 99 in Waltham

Pete’s St. Patrick’s Day Quiz

Pete went to his local bar on St. Patrick’s Day and quizzed some patrons to spell some beverage names.


Kevin & Pete know each other well enough to give each other massages, anyway. (Photo:

K&M Had An Announcement Regarding An “End”

Listen to what announcement K&M had to make during their 30th anniversary year regarding an “end” to deal with.


How did Pete McKenzie's big weigh-in go? (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Pete Went Down To The Farm for a Weigh-In

Pete is part of his second weight loss challenge for money and they had a weigh-in over the weekend. Pete recorded some of it and let us in on some of the reactions.


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Pete on the Street: Leftover Valentine Chocolates

Pete didn’t know what to do with some chocolates left over from Valentine’s Day. He came up with a solution but you’ll have to listen to find out.


NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 09:  Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Jason Bonham and John Paul Jones attend premiere of  "Led Zeppelin:  Celebration Day" at Ziegfeld Theatre on October 9, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Pete’s Night Got Bloody Before a Zeppelin Tribute Show

Pete went to check out a Led Zeppelin tribute band but beforehand, things got a little bloody. Listen to what happened.


1955:  French comic actor Gabriello checks his weight on the scales during a monthly visit to the Institute of Masculine Aesthetics in Paris. This beauty parlour for men already has a clientele of more than 200.  (Photo by Serge Berton/BIPs/Getty Images)

Pete Wants to Lose More Weight! And Heather Found a Way to Make It Happen

Well, there is gambling involved which helps. But Heather has come up with a new method to help Pete out in his quest to lose more weight. Listen to what it is.


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Pete on the Street Sam Edition

Sam, daughter of Pete, did an edition of Pete on the Street basically getting the lowdown on a Belgium guy dating her best friend. Hear the dirty talk.