Pete McKenzie

Pete Wants To Know: Do You Want The Pats To Go Undefeated?Pete wanted to get the fans reaction if they wanted the team to go undefeated or not.
Kevin & Pete Don't Want GrandkidsAfter hearing and watching a video of a child complaining about going in and out of "timeout", Kevin and Pete decided that they don't want grandkids.
Jackson Had A Hard Time Golfing With PetePete and Jackson had a little golf outing while enjoying this late warm weather in the season.
Pete Had a Yogurt IncidentPete's daughter came home and dropped everything without realizing one item needed a cold environment.
Pete Has A Bee ProblemPete has been killing about twenty something bees a day at his house in a certain area.
Wacky Fall Foliage IdeasPete was listening to Bradley Jay on WBZ-AM on his way into work this morning and heard this call about what we should do with fall foliage.
Is This The Scariest Haunted House?Pete came across a story about the alleged scariest haunted house that is out in California that includes a safe word.
Pete Had a Day Out In The TownPete took a day trip into Boston with some buddies hitting some Italian restaurant and gambling (of course) along the way.
Will Pete Ever Golf With Jackson Again?Pete took Jackson to a big boy golf course Wednesday and Pete had a few issues with Jackson.
Pete Has Some Golf Fashion TroublesPete has a problem with his chest hair bothering him while playing golf so he called up an Aunt to help him out.
Pete Doesn't Like The Ban on Porn in IndiaPete caught wind that India, a supposed "democratic" country, is banning internet porn. He's still glad he lives in America.
Pete Recaps His Golf VacationPete sounded like he had a blast golfing with some friends during his vacation. There is also his betting on the British Open. Take a listen.
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