Pete McKenzie


Battling Wasps: Pete’s Newest Manchievement

Pete has poison hands… wash those bad boys.

100.7 WZLX–07/28/2014

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Pete Shares His Really Bizarre Dream With Everyone

Pete awakes from a weird dream and feels he needs to share it with everyone; special guest Morgan Freeman

100.7 WZLX–07/14/2014

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Pete’s Getting Older

Pete for the first was mistaken for a senior and offered a senior discount. Talk about a life changer.

100.7 WZLX–07/10/2014

Pete's stupid birthday hat

Pete’s Parents

Pete’s mom’s doctor is a former high school friend of Pete. She has an update on how he’s doing.

100.7 WZLX–06/24/2014

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Pete’s Daughter Samantha Signs Contract

Pete’s daughter got a job, not even a block away!

100.7 WZLX–06/20/2014


Pete’s Nap Time, And His Wife And Daughter’s Strange Shopping Trip

Pete’s daughter interrupts his nap. Pete’s wife & daughter meet an extra friendly salesperson while shopping.

100.7 WZLX–06/17/2014

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Can You Guess Pete’s Class Ranking?

Find out what Pete’s class ranking was and if he was smarter than Heather or dumber than Kevin.

100.7 WZLX–06/16/2014

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Pete’s Dad Gets A Pedicure -

Pete’s father got a nice pedicure for Fathers Day. He said the nail technician was a little rough with his feet but now his feet are soft like a baby’s bottom.

100.7 WZLX–06/16/2014

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Pete McKenzie Was Caught On Tape Last Night During His Bruins Outing

Pete was at a bar last night and he was really upset about the Bruins losing to the Canadiens.

100.7 WZLX–05/15/2014

(WZLX Video Screenshot)

Drive For Charity – Braden Gets Pummeled [VIDEO]

Braden from the Karlson & McKenzie show was once again sent to the middle of the driving range at the Southborough Golf Practice and Learning Center on Route 9 to be a willing target for listeners.