Pete McKenzie’s Lock of the Week for Championship WeekendHear why and who he went with this NFL Championship weekend.
Here’s the Latest 'Fat Farm' Update from Pete McKenzieAfter Kevin brought up Blue Monday, we got into the audio of the latest weigh in of the results, Pete has lost 13 pounds in two weeks after fixing some bad math.
Where Are Pete McKenzie's Keys?Pete’s daughter Sam took his car to the store for some groceries and somehow lost her keys in the process.
Pete McKenzie Asks “What’s Up With Chuck?” in 2017Pete McKenzie and Chuck Nowlin are back at it hitting the indoor links at Fore! Golf for 2017 in a league with a couple other fellas.
Pete McKenzie's Week 1 "Fat Farm" UpdateHear how the weigh in went down and how Pete is turning into a diet “expert” and we’re using quotations because it’s being used loosely.
Pete Ran Into A Couple Celtics Players During Their FIRST Bruins Game!Pete went to the Bruins vs. Oilers game last night with some friends and was hooked up with a suite.
Pete McKenzie Rejoins The Fat Farm for 2017Pete McKenzie is losing weight for the new year, but this time, there's money on the line!
Do You Remember All The Dead Celebs from 2016?Pete McKenzie's daughter thought that recalling celebrity deaths from the past year would be a great party game for New Year's Eve!
Pete Gets a Naughty Version of “Twas The Night Before Christmas”Pete came across a man that recited to him his version of “Twas The Night Before Christmas” but replace “Night” with “Drugs” and it will all make sense.
Are Karlson & McKenzie Naughty Or Nice? Kevin Wants to KnowOne listener had some naughty thoughts about Heather and described a bubble like feature.
Pete McKenzie’s Doctor Gave Him Something PhysicalIt was the time of year where Pete goes in for his annual physical with his doctor which snuck up on him because he’s afraid of using technology to remind him.
What Was Pete McKenzie Doing with Cookies & Crackers?Pete was given a task by his wife to bring cookies and crackers because she didn't want them in house.

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