Is Jackson Getting a Car?Jackson has been complaining about his car ever since we had him on the air and it seems that it’s not going to recover from the rusted bucket of bolts ailment. He is worried to even drive the thing 20 miles!
Pete Talks To Runners of the Marathon… And Non-RunnersHear his story and other fun had by Pete during the Boston Marathon also including a chat with a guy from Brooklyn who talked about scream tunnel.
Pete McKenzie's Annual First Visit To Dairy QueenAfter enjoying the beautiful weather yesterday on the golf course, Pete went with the family for their first annual trip to the local Dairy Queen.
Did Pete Have a Voodoo Massage Therapist?Pete went to a massage therapist yesterday because of some back ailments and wants to be ready for golf season.
Who Was Part of a Murder Mystery Dinner?Pete’s daughter was part of a Murder/Mystery dinner over the weekend. She was hit because Pete was getting text messages during the show about it before we talked about it on air.
Pete BLEW A Listener’s MindAfter talking about the heavy set guy on one of the college basketball teams in the final game last night and how Kevin got roped into watching a new show because of Pete’s daughter so he never watched it, Pete gave a little recap of the game.
Pete McKenzie Had a Gas Mishap!
What’s Up With Chuck? The Finals of 2017Last night was the last night for Pete and Chuck to hang out at Fore Golf Entertainment with their indoor league.
Will Pete and His Wife Actually Get Tattoos Together?Pete had a conversation with his wife over the weekend to pursue the idea. Is it going to actually happen?
Pete McKenzie and His Wife Want Matching TattoosPete’s wife is turning 50 and she has been throwing around ideas including getting matching tattoos with Pete.
Karlson & McKenzie Suite Night at the Boston CelticsThe show was lucky enough to get a suite at the Celtics game last night so we could host some listeners but there was one thing in particular that wasn’t in the suite which we warned the listeners ahead of time. That was no food was in the suite.
What’s Up With Chuck: The Bartender ChallengeThis week turned out to be What’s Up with Tim who plays in a foursome with Pete and Chuck at Fore Golf.

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