What Does Pete Do When He's Home Alone?Kevin and Pete compared what they do when no one is around including Fat Guy Moments.
Can Karlson & McKenzie Call "BULL" On Each Other?It's easier if you just listen to the podcast and hear who can read people better, like Bull himself.
Karlson & McKenzie Went Tailgating For the Pats Home OpenerKevin & Pete were down in Foxboro for the Patriots and Dolphins game.
Pete Needs Help For His Cousin in Rhode IslandPete wanted to know if his cousin would be okay wearing a Steelers tie to his classroom for the NFL station.
Are Karlson & McKenzie Smarter Than Gary Johnson?After Gary Johnson made a gaffe over Syria and not knowing what Aleppo was, Heather wanted to quiz the guys with some questions to see if they are smarter then Gary.
Pete's First 2016 NFL Lock Of The WeekWho's Pete McKenzie picking the first week of the NFL's regular season? Let's find out.
Pete Is Tired Of Jackson Not Paying Up!Pete is starting to get tired of Jackson not paying up on his debts from gambling and whatever else Pete helps him out with like golf shoes.
Karlson & McKenzie: What's With Pete's Rash?Hear him give you the red scratching details.
Why Did Pete McKenzie Drive Instead of Fly Back from Cleveland?Pete flew out to Cleveland to celebrate his Mom's 85th birthday, but it wasn't all smooth flying.
Pete McKenzie Is Afraid To FlyHear his worries about it and let us know what tips to give him tomorrow.
Pete Felt Dumb During His Latest Uber RideHear him describe the person driving and why he felt so small in the backseat.
To Ask Or Not To AskThat is the question Pete ran into while doing a webinar/conference call held nationally for our new texting system (which is great by the way because you can text the same number now you use to call us!) =

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