Pete McKenzie

Pete McKenzie Goes to DeadpoolPete went to a screening of Deadpool Thursday night with some listeners and asked the viewers about the movie and a particular Ryan Reynolds scene.
Pete Talked To Some Guys About the Super BowlHear what they had to say.
Another Edition of What's Up With Chuck?This week, Pete chatted with Chuck about politics and hygiene!
Pete's Parents Celebrated Their Anniversary of How Many Years?Hear the phone call and how long they've been in marital bliss.
Behind The Scenes At A Karlson & McKenzie MeetingEver wonder what happens behind the scenes when the Karlson & McKenzie show gets together for a meeting?
Karlson & McKenzie Update Their Powerball StatusSo how are the guys doing with the lottery these days? Are they ready for #1.3 billion + ? Find out here.
What's Up With Chuck?Pete is doing a golf league with Chuck Nowlin so we decided to start a new bit called "What's Up With Chuck?"
Karlson & McKenzie Compare How They Eat to Tom BradyTom Brady has a personal chef, could Kevin & Pete benefit from Brady's diet?
Big Words Scare KevinKevin and Pete were exchanging texts over some wagers and Pete sent a word that threw Kevin for a loop.
Pete Wants To Know: Do You Want The Pats To Go Undefeated?Pete wanted to get the fans reaction if they wanted the team to go undefeated or not.
Kevin & Pete Don't Want GrandkidsAfter hearing and watching a video of a child complaining about going in and out of "timeout", Kevin and Pete decided that they don't want grandkids.
Jackson Had A Hard Time Golfing With PetePete and Jackson had a little golf outing while enjoying this late warm weather in the season.

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