Karlson & McKenzie's Yachts of Fun Cruise RecapKevin and Pete swabbed the decks last night aboard the Spirit of Boston for the Karlson & McKenzie "Yachts of Fun" Harbor Cruise. Hear how it went.
Pete Had An Accident Golfing With the BossEverything was going well until Pete got behind the wheel of the golf cart.
Pete's Wife Ran Into a Chick-Fil-A OwnerPete had a story to tell about his wife Sandy running into an owner of a Chick-Fil-A. As you can imagine he had numerous questions to ask.
Pete & Jackson Go GolfingOver the vacation Pete invited Jackson to golf with him and some buddies, (much to Kevin's fascination).
Pete Almost Has a Hole Filled...Pete has an on going saga with filling a hole in his mouth that's been there for awhile now.
Karlson & McKenzie's Executive Producer Calls In Drunk After Guns N' RosesThere may have been a little too much jungle juice had last night at Guns N' Roses last night for Karlson & McKenzie's executive producer, Mike Mayer.
Pete Feels Powerless in His Own HomeAre you as powerless as Pete McKenzie is when it comes to your home?
Pete's Card Game Was Interrupted Because of Pokemon!Has your life been interrupted by this stupid game?
Why Is Pete's Daughter Living in the Basement?Have your kids come home to live in the basement? How's it working out for you?
Does That Make Me A Bad Person?We haven't done it in awhile so, this morning, we dusted off Does That Make Me A Bad Person?
Bob Saget Talks Being Sick, Success of Fuller HouseBob Saget made a visit to Karlson & McKenzie this morning to promote his show tonight at the Hampton Ballroom in New Hampshire.
Pete Acts Out "Preacher" Scenes with JacksonAnother episode of Preacher aired which means we do another comparison between Eugene and Jackson.

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