Karlson & McKenzie Present the Drunken Spelling BeeDrink beer. Spell words. Compete for glory.
Pete's Barber Shows Up at the Drive for CharityPete brought his barber to show and tell at the Drive for Charity this morning.
Picking Out Colors While Color Blind?Pete's daughter was on assignment and talked to a couple that asked her to decide which color is what.
Pete Doesn't Know How To Buy ClothesPete had a hard time over the weekend going out to buy some new threads for his closet.
Karlson & McKenzie Talk With Celtics "Fans"Karlson & McKenzie were watching the game last night at a bar in Norwood, and ran into some "fans" who didn't know much about the team.
How Close Are Kevin Karlson & Pete McKenzie?A caller asked the show this morning if Kevin and Pete have a brotherhood going on considering they've been working together for almost 30 years.
Karlson & McKenzie Found "John Lennon" At A Bar Watching the Celtics?Listen to the man Kevin ran into, and then hear who Pete found at the bar.
Pete + Bars + Marathon Monday = Fun AudioPete McKenzie was out and about on Marathon Monday to mingle with the people.
Want a Free Sausage On Opening Day?K&M talked to Dave The Sausage Guy Thursday morning to unveil our code word you'll have to say from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Opening Day at Fenway next Monday.
Karlson & McKenzie Compare Pete & Heather Drinking FireballWhile Pete was out with Chuck Nowlin last night, they did some Fireball to show Heather how it is done.
Pete Caught Some Hate?Listen to Pete describe the appearance that left him uncomfortable.
Pete Couldn't Sleep Last NightPete was trying to sleep last night but the odds weren't in his favor.

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