Pete McKenzie Plays Matchmaker For Metalhead MikePete mentioned to Mike that there are many dating apps out there and claims he was a catch. Kevin disagrees.
Pete Was Playing With Wood Over the WeekendWhile everyone was recovering from Metallica or attending a graduation function of some kind, Pete was playing with wood at a lumber yard.
Pete Was A Raffle Prize Machine!Pete was out at a golf course for a special occasion and took part in a little raffle prize contest while he was there.
Karlson & McKenzie Screwed Up Mixology WinnersKarlson & McKenzie were at a Mixology competition at Patriot Place where they sampled many drinks and judged how they tasted. After many, many samples, it was time for them to get on the microphone which Jackson recorded.
What Was Pete Initiated Into During a Derby Party?Pete went to a Kentucky Derby/Engagement Party Saturday and ended up taking part in an initiation with some of the fellas that came to the party.
Pete Had Fun At The Cubs GamePete went out to the Cubs game Friday night with the boss and Chuck Nowlin and ended up doing a little play by play all night long and of course, someone had to tell him to stop.
Pete Reaps In the Winnings of Fat FarmPete gave a shout out to everyone that lost weight and played audio of a guy that told how much weigh the whole group that partook in the Fat Farm. He is now the reigning champ of the Fat Farm and is now rolling in some dough.
What Secret Has Pete’s Daughter’s Boyfriend Kept?Pete’s daughter with her boyfriend shoe shopping yesterday and something came out of the trip that was not known after dating for over 8 years or so.
Is Jackson Getting a Car?Jackson has been complaining about his car ever since we had him on the air and it seems that it’s not going to recover from the rusted bucket of bolts ailment. He is worried to even drive the thing 20 miles!
Pete Talks To Runners of the Marathon… And Non-RunnersHear his story and other fun had by Pete during the Boston Marathon also including a chat with a guy from Brooklyn who talked about scream tunnel.
Pete McKenzie's Annual First Visit To Dairy QueenAfter enjoying the beautiful weather yesterday on the golf course, Pete went with the family for their first annual trip to the local Dairy Queen.
Did Pete Have a Voodoo Massage Therapist?Pete went to a massage therapist yesterday because of some back ailments and wants to be ready for golf season.

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