Who is The Worst Red Sox Coach in 40 Years?Pete was at his local watering hole and talked to a guy that has been a season ticket holder for the Red Sox for over 40 years. The first year he bought them, they were $6.25 a game and now it’s $125!
What’s Going On in the McKenzie Household?Pete had to inform us today that his wife looks so battered that he has to tell people that they aren’t in the middle, nor ever was in a domestic dispute that caused any of the bruises on her.
Cruise Recap: Porn Term or Nautical Term?Pete threw out plenty of terms for everyone to guess including “Spinner”, “Kellick”, “Nipper” and lots more.
Do Karlson & McKenzie Suffer from Man-O-Pause?Heather wanted to know if Karlson & McKenzie suffer from Man-O-Pause. More specifically Kevin Karlson.
Pete Talked With His New Weather Crush Kelly Ann Cicalese!Hear the whole interview and if she accepted our invitation to the birthday boat cruise.
Pete Has a New Weather Girl CrushPete lamented that we haven’t talked about the gorgeous weather women the city of Boston has for everyone to watch during their local newscasts.
What Will Happen To Tom Brady When He Turns 40? Pete Tries to Find Out!Pete was out and about last night while waiting for the Red Sox to call the game for the rain, he talked to some people on the street about Tom Brady turning 40.
Did Pete Break One of Marriage's Unwritten Rules!?Pete thinks he broke one of marriages unwritten rules and after a couple of weeks dwelling on it he finally told his wife.
What Do You See While You’re Hiking? Dead Bodies? Pickles?Saturday morning, Pete’s daughter went out for a hike in New Hampshire in the White Mountains and all she had was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sam, Pete’s daughter, ended up going on the hike with a guide and talked about….DEAD BODIES!
It was a “PARTY” At Our Ticket Drop YesterdayNOTE TO LISTENERS: Don’t Talk to Kevin Karlson While He Is Eating!
Kevin Wants To Know “What’s Your Stance?”Kevin asked Pete and Heather what their stance was on a series of questions. They didn’t know where this was going to go at first.
Pete Isn’t Ready For His Daughter To Be Home All SummerPete’s daughter finally finished doing her teaching and has the whole summer off! She did have things lined up like taking a master’s course but that didn’t happen.

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