What Do You See While You’re Hiking? Dead Bodies? Pickles?Saturday morning, Pete’s daughter went out for a hike in New Hampshire in the White Mountains and all she had was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sam, Pete’s daughter, ended up going on the hike with a guide and talked about….DEAD BODIES!
It was a “PARTY” At Our Ticket Drop YesterdayNOTE TO LISTENERS: Don’t Talk to Kevin Karlson While He Is Eating!
Kevin Wants To Know “What’s Your Stance?”Kevin asked Pete and Heather what their stance was on a series of questions. They didn’t know where this was going to go at first.
Pete Isn’t Ready For His Daughter To Be Home All SummerPete’s daughter finally finished doing her teaching and has the whole summer off! She did have things lined up like taking a master’s course but that didn’t happen.
Karlson & McKenzie Visit Shootout For Soldiers!Kevin, Pete and Heather went to a cool event called Shootout for Soldiers that benefit one of our friends and our Pet Project Operation Delta Dog.
What’s Happening To Karlson & McKenzie’s Bodies?Pete had to apologize to his wife this morning via text. He was sweating so bad last night that he soaked the bed to the point she noticed and woke him up. They had to change the sheets and of course Kevin wanted to know what he was wearing.
Pete McKenzie Got a Grill For Father’s Day!Pete mentioned how he got a grill. Kevin said he got the same one! What are the chances?
Pete McKenzie’s Dentist Likes To TalkPete went to the dentist and claims that she likes to talk… A LOT! But it’s good things like stories and not questions while her hands are in his trap.
Where in Sam Hill Did Pete McKenzie’s Daughter Go?Pete was enjoying the nice weekend with the family on their boat and his daughter was following him to the boat. One problem though. His daughter wasn’t following them.
Two Things That Will Get You Kicked Out of a BarPete’s daughter Sam was out and about over this past weekend and was at a bar in Medford where some craziness went down.
Pete McKenzie Has Gas Problems…He ended up calling a plumber to come check it out. Pete ended up talking to him for the show about the problem and other plumber related issues like the dreaded plumber’s crack everyone is not a fan off.
Pete McKenzie Finds An Australian!Pete was out and about Saturday night attending a show at Laugh Boston and went out to eat before hand in the North End.

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