Joey Kramer Tells Karlson & McKenzie His Plans For Hosting Their Show: Celebrity Guests And "Dumb, Stupid Stuff!"This morning, Joey Kramer of Aerosmith joined Kevin Karlson and Pete McKenzie, along with Cha Chi Loprete to talk about his plans for his guest hosting stint at the end of the month on their show.
Pete McKenzie Is Scared To Talk To KidsPete was asked by his daughter to come in and talk to some kids as part of the teachers bringing in their parents.
Pete Had A Stereo ProblemWas Producer Mike right to touch Pete's car stereo?
Karlson & McKenzie Talk To Listeners at the WZLX Anniversary ConcertThanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our 31st Anniversary with Joe Walsh and Bad Company. Kevin and Pete roamed the venue last night at the Xfinity Center meeting a bunch of listeners.
Karlson & McKenzie Fat Guy Moment: WhopperitoBurger King just announced a new concoction involving a Whopper and a burrito.
Tough Parents Do Tough ParentingKevin & Pete believe they are way too soft on their kids after hearing this story of a father that sold his son's SUV after he was caught smoking weed in it, among other things.
Pete Had An Interesting Dentist VisitPete is having a tooth replaced so he had to pick which shade of tooth he wanted which is funny on its own...
Hear What Karlson & McKenzie Will Sound Like When They're GrandfathersHear a glimpse into the future of what Kevin and Pete will sound like when they have grand kids.
Karlson & McKenzie Present the Drunken Spelling BeeDrink beer. Spell words. Compete for glory.
Pete's Barber Shows Up at the Drive for CharityPete brought his barber to show and tell at the Drive for Charity this morning.
Picking Out Colors While Color Blind?Pete's daughter was on assignment and talked to a couple that asked her to decide which color is what.
Pete Doesn't Know How To Buy ClothesPete had a hard time over the weekend going out to buy some new threads for his closet.

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