Pete McKenzie Wants to Lose MORE Weight?!Hear how this whole Fat Farm is continuing and what Pete is aiming to get his weight down to.
Karlson & McKenzie Play a Game Called “That’s My Dad!”Last night down at CBS Scene, we had our 2nd (not sure if it will be annual) Father Daughter Skate Date. Yes, the title explains it all.
Pete McKenzie Desperately Bets on The OscarsThe guys and Heather banter about which movie they should bet on or should they pick on a favorite actor or actress?
How Did Pete McKenzie Do Wagering Over the Vacation Break?After trying to get the show to bet on the Oscars, Pete doled out some winnings from the Super Bowl to Kevin and Heather.
What Does the Karlson & McKenzie Show Have Planned for Vacation?The show is taking some time off next week to recharge some batteries of the Super Bowl trip and the busy week after.
What Happens When You Can’t Find A Seat at the Bar?Pete was in the middle of a conundrum last night while going out to eat with his wife and buddy at the bar.
Jerk of the Week Alert! Man Steals Football From Little Pats FanKevin believes he’s the Jerk of the Week but Pete seemed to have some reservations about it. Hear and decide for yourself.
Pete McKenzie Talks To Patriots Fans During the ParadePete was at the Pats Parade and ran into Trevor who called into the show the next morning after the Super Bowl claiming he was up all night after the game still partying.
Pete McKenzie Talks About Kids Spoiled Over Championships At the ParadePete talked to this little guy Evan and his Mom about the Pats winning it for his whole life being spoiled.
Recapping the Super Bowl and Heather’s Driving from HoustonA Pats fan from Atlanta checked in with us today to tell us how the mood is down in the Peach State.
Karlson & McKenzie Brought Some Gifts Back for Metalhead Mike & JacksonThe guys came back with a little gift from Mike and Jackson because they either felt sorry for them or wanted to give them kudos.
Kevin & Pete Get Into A Shouting Match with Falcon Fans!Kevin asked for a picture with them and was DENIED! So Kevin had to talk to them and it turned heated pretty quickly! Hear how it all went down.

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