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Paul McCartney and Wings, circa 1976 (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney Sets Wings’ ‘Venus and Mars’ and ‘At the Speed of Sound’ Reissue Dates

It’s almost time to revisit “Listen to What the Man Said” and “Silly Love Songs.”

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Happy Bagpipe Appreciation Day – Watch 5 Rock Songs That Feature Bagpipes

Yes, that’s right, bagpipes. The number of bands that have made bagpipes rock is actually pretty impressive.



Joe Perry, Paul McCartney Recently Met for a Secret Recording Session

Perry also revealed that Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp were in on the session, though Perry remains tight-lipped on what exactly the sessions were for.


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RIP: 5 Must-See Rockstar Memorials in the U.S.

George Harrison’s memorial tree was killed by beetles, which is sad and awesome at the time. Here are 5 rockstar memorials in the U.S. that are still standing strong!


Paul McCartney (animated by John Morena for Minimation: Paul McCartney Sings ‘Scrambled Eggs’

In the interview, he tells Muni, “When something’s just so successful… people often don’t want to do the big one.”


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New Beatles Documentary Will Follow Their Live Career

Director Ron Howard is working with Apple Corps Ltd. on the first Beatles film since 1970.


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Paul McCartney Selfies are the Only Selfies Worth Mentioning

Selfies are one of the worst things to happen to the internet. But if Sir Paul McCartney is involved, I suppose I can accept it.


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Watch a Man Propose to His Girlfriend with a Little Help from Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney returned to touring for the first time last weekend since being sidelined by illness, and he kicked off the festivities with a fairly memorable event in the form of a marriage proposal.


Paul McCartney (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney Recruits Johnny Depp for ‘Early Days’ Video: Watch

Paul McCartney took a left-field approach when casting the video for “Early Days,” a remembrance song for John Lennon off his 2013 album New.


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Happy 74th Birthday, Ringo! Here’s 4 Things He Probably Wants to Forget

Happy Birthday to our favorite Beatles drummer, Ringo! (Technically there were 2 others at one point) Let’s celebrate his birthday with 4 moments he probably wishes to forget!