Hanukkah Honey: A "Santa Baby" Parody [VIDEO]"Santa Baby" never sounded so great!
A Trick-Or-Treat Prank Gone Wrong [VIDEO]Man makes two girls cry in horror after tricking them.
Senseless Survey: Shaking What Your Momma Gave Ya, Office Chair Miles, & Doggie Nightmares Two-for-one today!
Karlson & McKenzie's Halloween Bash Recap!Kevin got in an argument at the Halloween bash. Other than that, it sure was a great time. Listen to hear what everyone's favorite costume was!
"That Guy" w/ Braden: That Guy Who Brags About Having Columbus Day Off! [AUDIO]Hear Braden get heated over "That Guy" who likes to rub it in that he's got the day off.
Ernie The Christmas Elf - Kelsey Ernie The Christmas Elf calls Kelsey to confront her on why she's on the naughty list.
Pete's Bartender Gave Him A Xmas Gift!Pete tells us about the most giving bartender we've ever heard of.
Listener Asks Kevin A Christmas QuestionKevin ruins into a listener that just happens to be a celebrity look-a-like!
Ernie the Christmas Elf Strikes Again!Ernie the Christmas Elf calls a couple of unsuspecting people and confronts them about their past indiscretions.
K&M Discuss Halloween Do's & Don'tsWhat are acceptable candies to take from your kids, and give to the neighbor's?
The Guide To Trading Candy On Halloween! [VIDEO]This is a surefire guide to get ahead in the candy trading business so make sure you're successful and don't get stuck with the dregs of the candy world.
Halloween 2012: K&M Prepares! It's Halloween, what's The Gang gonna do tonight?

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