UConn Player "Falls" For Obama [VIDEO]Watch this UConn women's basketball teammate make a lasting impression on our President!
Did John Kerry Just Fall Asleep? [VIDEO]It looks like Kerry may have nodded off during a leaders meeting in Europe...you be the judge!
Mick Jagger Jokes About Obama & More [VIDEO]The NSA was definitely tuned in.
Obama Feels The Heat In D.C.Thank goodness he had that handkerchief!
Check Out President Obama's Prom Pictures! [PHOTOS]We now know what President Obama looked like on his prom night. Dude was smoooooooooooth.
Obama Protected From Rain With Help From A Few Marines [VIDEO]Obama needs an umbrella to stay dry.
Obama Gets Weepy, and So Does the World [VIDEO]"I'm really proud of you," the softie Commander and Chief said with a single tear, telling his team that they were "only just beginning".
Celebrities Tweet About PoliticsCelebrities tweet about politics isn't it cute when they think they're smart?
Which Candidate Made This Girl Cry? [VIDEO]
Bruce Springsteen Announces Another Obama Campaign EventFresh off stumping for Obama last week in Ohio and Iowa, Bruce Springsteen has announced another campaign appearance for the president. The Boss will play a free concert at an Obama rally in Charlottesville, Virginia this Tuesday, October 23rd.
This Is How Debates Should Be Done [VIDEO]Mitt Romney and President Obama finally decide to appeal to the younger crowd with a nice friendly rap battle.
This Idiot Calls Obama a Communist, But Doesn't Know What A Communist Is [VIDEO]A woman can't define "communist" but still thinks Obama is one.

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