Ernie The Elf Is BACK!Friend of the show and hardworking North Pole foreman, Ernie The Elf made his seasonal return to the Karlson & McKenzie show this morning.
Ernie The Elf: Nick Gets An Elf-A-GramErnie calls Nick to tell him why he's on the Naughty List.
Ernie The Christmas Elf: Yet Another Q&A With ErnieErnie answers some questions from, and shares with us Santa's desires and unfair treatment of kids around the world...
Ernie The Elf's Turbo Calls!To get the naughty list to a manageable level, Ernie calls a bunch of people in rapid succession.
Ernie The Christmas Elf: Another Q&A!Find out some dirt on Santa with Ernie's Q & A this morning! It would be easy to not let Ernie into the studio, but he's just too funny!
Ernie The Elf's Q&AErnie reveals some of the mysteries about the North Pole and Christmas magic.
Ernie The Christmas Elf Takes Questions From ListenersErnie was sniffing chairs in the sales office before the break.
Ernie The Christmas Elf Is Back!Ernie gets very annoyed of people who put up decorations before Thanksgiving.
Scared Straight Santa: Peter Wants To Hunt For A Dead HoboSanta calls a little boy in between the naughty and nice list to convince him to walk the path of nice.
Ernie The Christmas Elf Corners Crystal! Ernie the Elf calls up another name on Santa's naughty list.
Scared Straight Santa: Alan The Kid TerrorSanta calls Alan and scares him in to being a good little boy!
Ernie The Christmas Elf Calls Antonio The Fat Burnout!Ernie the Elf calls another unsuspecting naughty little boy, and lets him know that Santa is watching!

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