Mötley Crüe Bassist Nikki Sixx On Trump: 'I Can't Wait 'Till The Guy Is Gone'Nikk Sixx takes to Facebook Live to dish on President Trump: "I hope I don't get to say, 'I told you so,' in four years."
Nikki Sixx Declares Break from Social Media"I wanna get back to what's real," he said.
Nikki Sixx Says He and KISS 'Look Like a Bunch of Old Women Fighting'Following a war of words between Mötley Crüe and Gene Simmons, Nikki Sixx says it's time to back off the battlefield.
Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx Are Fighting Like Little 'Girls, Girls, Girls'According to Tommy, Nikki Sixx unfollowed him on Twitter the day after their final show.
Nikki Sixx Says Gene Simmons is 'No Longer My Hero'"@genesimmons recent heartless and uneducated remarks about Prince’s death shows why he’s not my hero anymore or anybody’s," Sixx tweeted.
Nikki Sixx: Mötley Crue Isn't "Just Going To Disappear"Mötley Crue may have given their last show ever on New Year's Eve, but that doesn't mean they're fading away, according to Nikki Sixx in a new interview.
Nikki Sixx Lobbies for Better Pay for Artists on YouTubeAppealing to the company's "don't be evil" ethos, Sixx claims that artists are currently shut out of profits.
Nikki Sixx: "I’ll Be Honest – I’m Really Quite Boring"“I’m always looking for something, and because of that I’m not really that rock’n’roll. I’m the anti rock star.”
Nikki Sixx Says "Everybody Knows" Guns 'N Roses Are ReunitingOkay, now we're starting to believe.
Motley Crue Is Breaking Up After 'Farewell Tour', According to Nikki SixxBad news for Motley Crue fans.
Nikki Sixx Wants Pats Fans to Unfollow Him on TwitterNikki Sixx dared Pats fan to unfollow him on Twitter. Our Producers actually followed him. Listen to how they dealt with it.
Carter Alan’s Rock N’ Roll Diary: January 2 in Rock HistoryIn 1971, George Harrison’s triple-record solo album “All Things Must Pass” went to #1 in the U.S. What album did it knock off the top of the charts? Click through for the answer.

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