What Did Kevin Karlson’s Wife Do For the First Time in 29 Years?!Kevin’s wife did something in 29 years she hasn’t done before. After trying to recall when their anniversary, Kevin’s wife told him she made an appointment to get his muffler fixed that has been broken for awhile now and she has had enough.
How Did Kevin Scare His Wife TWICE?!Hear the tales and decide if you’d be just as scared.
Why is Kevin’s Wife Commenting on Men in Front of Him?Kevin’s wife has commented twice in the past week about how good looking someone is and it threw Kevin off because she’s never done it before. Pete said his wife does it all the time.
Kevin and His Wife Were Grossed Out During DinnerIt was supposed to be a nice evening out, until another couple a few tables over started... well...
Kevin's Wife Is Searched While He's Worried About PizzaKevin's wife was on her way to the Jersey Shore before the TSA really got a hold of her at the airport flying there.
Is Kevin Excited For His Wife To Go Away?What do you think will happen?
Kevin's Trip To Wal-Mart for Anniversary GiftsCheck out what he got his lovely wife and how he handled the cashier.
Is Kevin's Wife Slowly Killing Him?Hear what his ailment this time and what he confronted his wife about.
Mrs. Karlson Discusses Mother's Day and Suicidal BirdsHear how it is all going down at Casa De Karlson.
Kevin Karlson Thinks His Wife Is A MurdererHear the whole story while his wife is on the phone.
Kevin Goes On A Dinner Date With His WifeA waitress at a steakhouse didn't like serving steak and Dumb & Dumber To well, was dumb.
Kevin's Wife Tells Us Of a Mishap Kevin Had This Weekend.

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