Scared Straight Santa: AverySanta gets another child to change their bad habits in order to get presents this Christmas
2012 Mayan Apocalypse TalkAre you prepared for the end of the world? The Gang talks all about the Mayan prophecy.
Garry Hoey In StudioGuitarist Garry Hoey is in studio playing for K & M!
The Best Christmas Song EVER! [VIDEO]Jonathan Lajoie, known as Taco from "The League," comes at you with the best Christmas song that ever existed.
Ernie Boch Jr. Calls In!Ernie Boch Jr. calls in and Santa tells everyone which list he's on!
Senseless Survey: Kate Middleton, Salad Dressing & Your Mom's MustacheHow many questions can Kevin get through before the caller hangs up?
Pete's Bartender Gave Him A Xmas Gift!Pete tells us about the most giving bartender we've ever heard of.
Jimmy Fallon Sings Jingle Bells (Batman Smells) as Bob Dylan! [VIDEO]Jimmy Fallon does the best Bob Dylan impression ever!
Heather's Dial-A-Carol!Heather calls an unsuspecting victim and makes sweet, sweet Christmas music with him!
Scared Straight Santa Calls Lil' Kevin!Santa calls 9 year-old Kevin to see if he can get him to stop swearing before Christmas.
Why Do We Say "MERRY" Christmas? We play a game to put an end to the mystery of where the word "Merry' comes from.
Listener Asks Kevin A Christmas QuestionKevin ruins into a listener that just happens to be a celebrity look-a-like!

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