SixX Strings: Ted Nugent Thinks the Worst Enemy in Politics is the RepublicansNot only does this guitar slinger lay waste to the audience at his rock shows, but he also lays the same to the elected officials that are attempting to lead this country we all hold so close to heart.
Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Johnny Van Zant: 'I’m Gonna Stand Behind Our President'
Mitt Romney Sings About Being "Filthy Rich!" [VIDEO]One of Mitt Romney's speeches dubbed to a song about him being "filthy rich."
Classic Rockers React To Obama's Re-ElectionSocial media was set ablaze last night with reactions to President Obama's re-election, and no surprise - musicians got in on the celebrating or hating.
Boston Votes For Bill Belichick, Mickey Mouse and OthersIf you voted for Barack Obama Tuesday, these people did not help. If you voted for Mitt Romney...Well, these people also didn't help. See who a bunch of New Englanders on Twitter are claiming they voted for on Election Day.
Obama Wins Re-Election BidNeed an election recap? Hear It Here!
Celebrities Tweet About PoliticsCelebrities tweet about politics isn't it cute when they think they're smart?
Governor Deval Patrick Makes A Surprise VisitGovernor Deval Patrick makes an unplanned and unexpected visit to the show!
Which Candidate Made This Girl Cry? [VIDEO]
Stephen Stills On Obama Vs. Romney: "Blazing Saddles""At least Bush was affable," Stills writes. "I don't care if it's a debate and you're running for office. It's not right to be that rude to the President of the United States, let alone anybody else. Also, you don't get offended when you get corrected."
This Moron Got A Romney Tattoo On His FACE [PHOTO]A Michigan man's Romney tattoo... on his face
Obama vs Romney: Which Artists Donated To Their Campaigns?Some artists may not want to publicly announce who they are voting for, but public records don’t lie.

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