What do Michigan Voters think of a Senator Kid Rock?Kid Rock isn't backing down from his Michigan Senate run and over the weekend Intern Brian just happened to have some cousins in town from Michigan.
Kid Rock & Ted Nugent Reportedly Thinking About Running For SenateNow it appears at least two rock & roll artists may be looking to take it a step further and possibly run for federal office, both from the state of Michigan.
VIDEO: Davenport University Graduate Tried To Back Flip His Way To His DiplomaWatch as this kid tries to back flip his way to his diploma. Tries, being the key word.
How Did Pete Do Betting On The Pats? Pete made a prop bet and tells us how it went.
Brent Musberger Gave Betting Advice During A College Football Broadcast [VIDEO]Brent's having himself quite a week.
Eminem's Live Interview With Brett Musberger Did NOT Go Well [VIDEO]Eminem doesn't handle live TV well, and why was he on during a college football game?!
Deer Statue Is Just A Little Too Tall For The Overpass [VIDEO]Some Things Just Won't Fit!
News Reporter "Accidentally" Draws a Penis [VIDEO]The more she tries the harder it is to get off her mind.
This Moron Got A Romney Tattoo On His FACE [PHOTO]A Michigan man's Romney tattoo... on his face
Michigan State Professor Loses His Mind Mid-Lecture! [PHOTO]It was a weird day at class for some calculus students at Michigan State University yesterday as an unnamed math professor lost his marbles in the middle of class.
Wedding Party Takes Unexpected Plunge Into A Michigan Lake [VIDEO]Does the groom push the bride under the water to stay afloat, or is it just us?
Another KISS Inspired Movie in the Making

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