Ernie Boch Jr. Calls In!Ernie Boch Jr. calls in and Santa tells everyone which list he's on!
Senseless Survey: Kate Middleton, Salad Dressing & Your Mom's MustacheHow many questions can Kevin get through before the caller hangs up?
Pete's Bartender Gave Him A Xmas Gift!Pete tells us about the most giving bartender we've ever heard of.
Jimmy Fallon Sings Jingle Bells (Batman Smells) as Bob Dylan! [VIDEO]Jimmy Fallon does the best Bob Dylan impression ever!
Heather's Dial-A-Carol!Heather calls an unsuspecting victim and makes sweet, sweet Christmas music with him!
Scared Straight Santa Calls Lil' Kevin!Santa calls 9 year-old Kevin to see if he can get him to stop swearing before Christmas.
Why Do We Say "MERRY" Christmas? We play a game to put an end to the mystery of where the word "Merry' comes from.
Listener Asks Kevin A Christmas QuestionKevin ruins into a listener that just happens to be a celebrity look-a-like!
End of The World Musical Mash-Up [VIDEO]A guy takes a bunch of end of the world songs and slams them all together in a one minute mash up!
Senseless Survey: Justin Bieber, Twilight & Substitute MetronomeSee how long we can keep our latest victim on the line today!
Possibly The Best PSA Ever [VIDEO]An Australian PSA for train safety...or just a catchy song about "Dumb Ways To Die."
Teen Moms Just Love Ke$ha! [VIDEO]Teen Mom's Janelle Evans has her priorities just a little confused.

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