Celebrate National Hot Sauce Day with 5 Rock n’ Roll SaucesHot sauce is now a billion dollar industry and rockers are tapped into it.
Vince Neil Calls Out KISS for Fake Final Tour"That’s exactly what we don’t want do to."
Gene Simmons' Party Gets Busted Up By Cops Over Noise OrdinanceInsert joke about rockin' and rollin' all night and partying every day here.
Paul Stanley Still Baffled By Gay RumorsStanley says that being gay is the oddest rumor he's ever heard about himself.
Gene Simmons is the Benevolent Dictator We've Been Waiting For"Democracy is wonderful, but it's messy. A benevolent dictator is the most effective way of running a country."
Paul Stanley Tells Australian Radio Station That KISS Could Live On Without Original MembersWould KISS continue to be KISS without Stanley or Gene Simmons?
Listen to 45 Minutes of Paul Stanley's Stage Banter, Right Now"Great for ruining parties and torturing anyone who's trying to sleep."
New KISS Book to Celebrate 1978 Solo AlbumsAuthor Julian Gill is so fascinated with the time period in KISS's career, that he's dedicated a whole book to it.
Gene Simmons: Not Guilty of Anything Other Than Not Knowing How Wi-Fi WorksHe breathes fire but is only now learning what a firewall is.
LAPD Child Crimes Investigators Search Gene Simmons' HomeFind out why the Simmons home is being searched and see what Gene's rep is saying about it!
Neil Peart Doesn't Like KISS's Emphasis on Business: The "Sound of Salesmen"KISS has always been a successful brand that happens to be a rock 'n' roll group. Rush's Neil Peart doesn't like the band's emphasis on business, and drew from his experience touring with them to explain why.
K&M Discuss KISS ProblemsLA KISS QB is broke blaming the band and Johnny Depp can't play one of their songs. What else could go wrong for the band?

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