Kevin Karlson Loves Rod Stewart & Talks With One of His SongwritersKevin played Rod Stewart’s “Some Guys Have All The Luck” on the air this morning (we’re sorry) because he’s still riding high after catching the show over the weekend.
Kevin Asks If Anyone Knows the Lead Singer of BostonBefore the Anniversary Show, Kevin asked listeners if they knew who the lead singer of the band Boston is now.
Kevin’s Treasure Hunting Returns!Kevin returned to his treasure hunting ways yesterday after the Anniversary ticket drop up in Saugus.
It was a “PARTY” At Our Ticket Drop YesterdayNOTE TO LISTENERS: Don’t Talk to Kevin Karlson While He Is Eating!
What Kevin Left Behind in Vegas Might Shock YouKevin got a call yesterday from the hotel he stayed at while in Vegas. Apparently, he and the missus left something behind.
Kevin Wants To Know “What’s Your Stance?”Kevin asked Pete and Heather what their stance was on a series of questions. They didn’t know where this was going to go at first.
Meatball Gate Hits the Karlson & McKenzie Show... Sort OfKevin’s brother in law is part of a local Italian club and has been accused of stealing a tray of meatballs.
Karlson & McKenzie Visit Shootout For Soldiers!Kevin, Pete and Heather went to a cool event called Shootout for Soldiers that benefit one of our friends and our Pet Project Operation Delta Dog.
What’s Happening To Karlson & McKenzie’s Bodies?Pete had to apologize to his wife this morning via text. He was sweating so bad last night that he soaked the bed to the point she noticed and woke him up. They had to change the sheets and of course Kevin wanted to know what he was wearing.
Kevin Karlson Can’t Believe Heather Has Never Had a Lobster Roll!Kevin brought up how a town is going for the Guinness Book of World Record of the longest lobster roll. It gave Kevin a chance to make his mouth water until Heather exclaimed she has never had one.
Kevin Karlson's In-Laws Deny Their HeritageKevin brought up today how his wife’s Uncle did one of those tracing your ancestry kits. It turned out to be a BIG deal because he denied what was sent to him.
Kevin Karlson Was Surprised What He Had For a Father’s Day PicnicKevin went to his wife’s cousin’s house in Rhode Island for a Father’s Day picnic. He was all excited thinking it would’ve been some kind of smoked meat but turned out to be some completely different.

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