Kevin & Heather Recap Their Ride to Defeat ALSKevin got into audio of himself with Heather, Sue Brady and Kevin’s daughter Katie. They talked about what they will encounter on the trip and what they should do to prepare.
What’s a “Stove Sandwich” in the Karlson Household?Do you have wacky or different names for food different from the norm?
Kevin’s Itsy Bitsy Spider ProblemKevin first asked if anyone on the show has an exterminator.
This Guy Doesn’t Care Who Kevin Karlson Is!Do you know who Kevin is? Of course you do because you’re reading this.
Has Kevin Been Punking His Kid For Over 13 Years?Hear the discussion and find out if Chris replies to Kevin telling him that he loves him.
Kevin’s Shameful Fat Guy MomentKevin was out to eat with his wife for a lobster roll, which is about his 17th of the season.
Karlson Googles the Top 5 Things to Do in SaugusKevin hasn't spent a lot of time in Saugus, so he fired up the Google machine to see what there is to do in town.
There’s a Mole In the Karlson HouseholdKevin was surprised to learn yesterday that he has a surprise appointment with a dermatologist. He didn’t know why until he found out that a massive mole on his back can now be seen through his shirt.
Cruise Recap: Maryann Talks With KevinHear the funny conversation and have a case of FOMO for not coming on the birthday boat cruise.
Do Karlson & McKenzie Suffer from Man-O-Pause?Heather wanted to know if Karlson & McKenzie suffer from Man-O-Pause. More specifically Kevin Karlson.
How Did Kevin Fare Fishing With Heather’s Husband?Kevin is back unscathed from going fishing with Heather’s husband John while Heather and Kevin’s wife went to Coldplay Friday night.
Was Kevin and Jackson’s Treasure A Pleasure?About two weeks ago now, Kevin and Jackson made a little challenge for each other to use their metal detectors and come back with something of value. They would go head to head to find out who is the better treasure hunter.

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