Karlson & McKenzie Asks Cha Chi Why Sgt. Peppers Is So ImportantWhile we are at Wayland for the Classic Rock Classic, Cha Chi was in the house so Kevin wanted to know why this super deluxe edition of Sgt. Peppers that came out is such a big deal.
Kevin Karlson’s Wife Doesn’t Like His CarShe finally asked him if he could get a new muffler because it keeps waking her up in the early morning. Kevin went over the particulars of his car. Jackson pulled Kevin’s car around and Mike used his microphone to hear the muffler.
Kevin Karlson Asks His Daughter For A Baywatch ReviewKevin’s daughter, fresh off her graduation from this past weekend, went to a movie screening of the new movie “Baywatch” that is about to this theaters.
Gypsy Moths Are Back!Kevin saw news segment about the Gypsy Moth rashes which we played the clips of that Heather could relate to.
Kevin’s Daughter Graduated!Kevin attended his daughter’s graduation Saturday and no tears of enjoyment were shed. It was a circus trying to get a seat and to even get a picture or video of his daughter walking the stage.
Karlson & McKenzie Screwed Up Mixology WinnersKarlson & McKenzie were at a Mixology competition at Patriot Place where they sampled many drinks and judged how they tasted. After many, many samples, it was time for them to get on the microphone which Jackson recorded.
Kevin’s Email Exchange About Talking Over SongsKevin brought to our attention this morning an email exchange he had with a listener.
How is Kevin’s Daughter Spending Her Last Week in College?Don’t you wish you were back in college?
Kevin's Mom's First Real MealAfter a stroke, Kevin's mom hasn't been able to eat solid foods for the last 10 weeks, until now.
What is Kevin’s Daughter Doing to Her Graduation Cap?Kevin brought his daughter on the air with us this morning to discuss what she is putting on her graduation cap when she finally walks across the stage in a couple weeks.
Kevin Karlson Just Wants His Damn Roof Done!Kevin has been trying to get estimates for his roof because it’s time to replace some or all of it. For the past couple weeks, he’s been trying to get companies and contractors to come out only to be blown off and it’s now reaching a new level.
How Did Kevin Scare His Wife TWICE?!Hear the tales and decide if you’d be just as scared.

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