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The Guy Who’s Convinced That Kevin Karlson Is Actually Meatloaf

Kevin and Pete went out to a bar last night and they found a very friendly drunkard who was absolutely convinced that Kevin was classic rock sensation Meatloaf.

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Apparently There Is Some Food Even Kevin Wont Eat! (And No, It’s Not Just Vegetables)

Kevin Karlson Goes To A Charity Event Because He Was Told There Would Be Food.

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Kevin Confronts Some College Students Selling Mattresses

When did College students start selling mattresses? Karlson pulls his car over to get some answers!

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K&M Talk With Dan Roche From WBZ-TV About His Bracket

Dan Roche joins K&M to give his input about this year’s March Madness tournament and tells us about the four local teams that made it.

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Kevin’s Daughter Is On Spring Break… In A Retirement Community?

The best spring break is when you’re surrounded by people at least 50 years older than you in a pool…

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A red deer (lat: Cervus elaphus) is pictured on August 14, 2012 near Strobl, some 300 km west of Vienna. (AFP PHOTO / DIETER NAGL)

Kevin’s Dinner Party Disaster!

Multiple couples showed up to the Karlson homestead completely distraught over something they saw on the way over there and it wasn’t pleasant…

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Kevin Celebrates His 50th Birthday!

Kevin Karlson celebrates his 50th birthday on the Karlson & McKenzie show!

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Kevin’s Going To Las Vegas!

Kevin Karlson is going to Las Vegas and he can’t wait to rub that in to each and every one of us.

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Major, the holdest captive Orang-Outang in the world, blows candles on a cake as part of its 50th birthday ceremony, on July 17, 2012, at the La Boissiere-du-Doree zoo near Nantes, western France. (AFP PHOTO  ALAIN JOCARD)

50 Years Old Is Right Around The Corner For Kevin: What Does It Mean For Him?

Fifty is right around the corner for Kevin Karlson and K&M talk about all of the wonderful things waiting for him just around the corner.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Denver Broncos

Fat Guy Moment: Kevin Destroys His Jeans Bending Over

After dinner lats night Karlson and his wife made a pit stop at a gas station so Kevin could fill his tires with air and hilarity ensued…

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