Kevin Karlson Feels Old TodayKevin felt old today because we called up his son so he could wish Chris a Happy 27th Birthday!
Was Kevin A Good Boy In Grade School?Of course not and Kevin was given proof by his mother while he was visiting her during Thanksgiving.
One of Kevin's Car Servicing Tricks Worked!Kevin & Pete got an email from a listener over the Thanksgiving break about how one of Kevin's tricks when getting your car serviced actually worked!
Kevin Describes Driving With the Family For ThanksgivingOh family trips!
Did Kevin Discover What He's Getting For Christmas?Kevin brought up how he might have discovered what he's getting for presents based on the ads popping up on the family computer.
Karlson & McKenzie Recap ChuckTV: The MovieKevin and Pete recall last night's star-studded red carpet premiere of Chuck Nowlin's first full-length featured film, ChuckTV: The Movie in Arlington.
Will The Real Bad Company Guitarist Please Stand... Or Sit Up?Kevin Karlson goes on a rant about Bad Company, only problem... He mistook the guitarist for someone else.
Did Kevin Ruin Doctor Strange?Pete went out to see a sneak preview screening of Doctor Strange and talked to a few listeners out there how they felt about it.
Kevin Karlson Returns To Craigslist...Hear his tale of selling two air conditioners and how it went down with a lady.
Did Kevin Or Heather Ruin The Last Meal Game?This Last Meal Game didn't go so well because Kevin started to brag how he is the "champ" and Heather let slip the word "meat" which irked Kevin.
Kevin Saw What At The Casino?!Kevin described something that happened that involved these three things: girls, booze and food.
This Band Plays *What* For Instruments?Kevin asked the show what they thought was being played in a song clip and offered up three suggestions.

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