Kevin Karlson

LAS VEGAS - MARCH 24:  A general view of the Fabulous Las Vegas sign on Las Vegas Boulevard on March 24, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Kevin Almost Died In Vegas!

Kevin had a very frightening experience during his vacation in Las Vegas last week. Listen to the details!


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What Happens When Kevin Challenges His Boss

Here’s what happened when Kevin challenged his boss to a foot race.



Is Kevin Depressed?

Is there something wrong with Kevin? This listener is concerned.


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Kevin vs. The Statie

Kevin had a run in with a State Trooper yesterday that wasn’t pleasant. Take a listen to his recount of the story.


Kevin went out of his way to return a lost wallet, but is the way he returned it a good deed? (AFP PHOTO/ ALAIN JOCARD)

Kevin Believes He Did a Good Deed Returning a Lost Wallet

Kevin found a wallet and thought it was a hassle to return it. Hear how he got the wallet back to the owner.


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Kevin Is Dealing With A Returning College Student

Kevin has noticed that his daughter has changed since going to college. He also noticed a habit of his. Take a listen to how it all came about.


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Does Seeding Your Lawn Qualify as a MANchievement?

Kevin claims spreading topsoil and seeding his lawn is a MANchievement. Do you agree? Take a listen.


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Kevin Had An Issue With the Marathon

The Boston Marathon went off without any major problems yesterday, but Kevin was there and had an issue with one aspect of the race. Listen and decide if you agree with him.


Kevin & Pete know each other well enough to give each other massages, anyway. (Photo:

K&M Had An Announcement Regarding An “End”

Listen to what announcement K&M had to make during their 30th anniversary year regarding an “end” to deal with.


Only in America would a salesman walk away from YOU. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Let’s Play “What Made A Salesman Walk Away from The Karlsons?”

Kevin went out last night with his wife to do some furniture shopping. It didn’t turn out so well. Listen and see if you can guess what happened.