Kevin Karlson

Kevin & Pete Don't Want GrandkidsAfter hearing and watching a video of a child complaining about going in and out of "timeout", Kevin and Pete decided that they don't want grandkids.
Kevin Has A Movie ConfessionKevin gets lonely when no one else is around the house so he decided to go the movies and meet a "friend" in the lobby.
Kevin Had A Spooky Night Trying To SleepKevin claimed that a dead cousin was speaking to him during the night.
Kevin Is Building A Web EmpireKevin likes to think he is building a web empire with all the random website domains he's been scooping up.
Kevin Found The Most Annoying ListenerListen to her and decided if she was as annoying as Kevin thinks.
Kevin Doesn't Like PodcastsThere was a podcast put up that Kevin believed shouldn't have.
Kevin Found a New Porn Genre Involving FoodSo Kevin was what we will call snooping for now around the internet and came across a new fetish involving a sweet bakery treat.
Kevin Had An Awkward Bathroom EncounterKevin was using a handicapped bathroom stall at a casino over the weekend. Hear what happened when he left said stall.
Kevin Has A Fishing Story To Sell YouKevin went fishing over the Labor Day weekend and boy does he have a story of the one that got away.
What Commercial Made Kevin Feel Old?Kevin was up late last night watching TV and a commercial came on that immediately struck a chord of old.
A Listener Went To Vegas Because Kevin GoesGloria called up to let Kevin know that she went to Vegas based on what Kevin has told us about his trips. Listen to the call.
Kevin Has Some Severe Tire DamageKevin has been dealing with some tire issues his daughter can't seem to shake. Hear how he fixed it yesterday.
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