Is Kevin Insecure About His Car?Does it sound like Kevin is insecure about it or just mad?
Karlson & McKenzie's Yachts of Fun Cruise RecapKevin and Pete swabbed the decks last night aboard the Spirit of Boston for the Karlson & McKenzie "Yachts of Fun" Harbor Cruise. Hear how it went.
How Much Did Kevin's Daughter Learn At Camp?As soon as she walked through the door, Kevin grilled her about what words she learned while working there.
Kevin Almost Beat Up A Guy With A ShovelKevin was doing some gardening and yard work when all of a sudden his wife noticed him chasing someone with a shovel.
Kevin Karlson Did What On A Plane? Twice?!Kevin went to Ohio to visit his mom over vacation and did something very peculiar on the plane... Twice.
Kevin Doesn't Like To Donate At StoresKevin went shopping and was asked to donate a dollar on an $8 purchase. He thought it was out of line.
Kevin's Wife Is Searched While He's Worried About PizzaKevin's wife was on her way to the Jersey Shore before the TSA really got a hold of her at the airport flying there.
Is Kevin Excited For His Wife To Go Away?What do you think will happen?
Apparently Kevin Karlson Walks FunnyKevin was walking yesterday was being flagged down by a concerned citizen.
Does Kevin's Brother Have An Anger Issue?Should Kevin's brother-in-law been tossed? What do you think?
Karlson & McKenzie's Executive Producer Calls In Drunk After Guns N' RosesThere may have been a little too much jungle juice had last night at Guns N' Roses last night for Karlson & McKenzie's executive producer, Mike Mayer.
Pete Feels Powerless in His Own HomeAre you as powerless as Pete McKenzie is when it comes to your home?

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