Karlson & McKenzie Talk With Celtics "Fans"Karlson & McKenzie were watching the game last night at a bar in Norwood, and ran into some "fans" who didn't know much about the team.
How Close Are Kevin Karlson & Pete McKenzie?A caller asked the show this morning if Kevin and Pete have a brotherhood going on considering they've been working together for almost 30 years.
Karlson & McKenzie Found "John Lennon" At A Bar Watching the Celtics?Listen to the man Kevin ran into, and then hear who Pete found at the bar.
Kevin Karlson Thinks His Wife Is A MurdererHear the whole story while his wife is on the phone.
Some Vandals Did What To A Statue of Mary?Kevin wanted to know if it could be a heavy metal band song.
Kevin Was Creeped Out By His LandscaperKevin had his landscaper over yesterday and they started to talk about how to treat his grass.
You Be The Judge: Kevin or Jon JonesBoth Jon Jones and Kevin were recently pulled over for different offenses while driving.
Kevin Had Trouble At the Gas StationKevin reluctantly admitted to us that he had trouble visiting the gas station to do a simple task to his car.
Karlson & McKenzie Give You An Important Fat Guy UpdateKevin & Pete had to address some fat guy issues that popped up after the past 24 hours.
Kevin Dealt With High "Winds" While At SeaKevin went on a cruise during the show taking a break last week.
Kevin Went Bathing Suit ShoppingWith his recent weight loss, he needed to try some on but then he ran into some problems.
Kevin Gives A HUGE Health UpdateListen to his BIG revelation.

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