Kevin Karlson

Kevin didn't want to hear it anymore when he heard about a flat tire. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Kevin’s Daughter Got Some Tough Parenting

Kevin was all relaxed last night until his Daughter called about a flat tire. He had enough and told her this.

10 hours ago

The main entrance to South Beach on interstate 195 has an Art Deco welcoming sign that is illuminated by colorful lights during the night October 1, 2000 Miami Florida. (Photo by Robert King/Newsmakers)

What Was Found in Florida?

Kevin got what seemed to be a distressing phone call from family in Florida. After rushing to what was wrong, it turned out to be something COMPLETELY different. Listen to the story.


Hilarious hometown hero Lenny Clarke stopped by the studio to chat with Karlson & McKenzie on February 25, 2015. (Photo: Alisha Jackson/WZLX)

Lenny Clarke Helps Kevin with a Family Issue

Lenny Clarke stopped by today to promote the Comedy Festival in Worcester. It so happens Kevin had an issue with his daughter to tend to so why not have Uncle Lenny step in. Listen to how it went down.


(Photo: Alisha Jackson/

Will Kevin Roof-Rake This Weekend?

Pete showed Kevin how to use his roof rake so Kevin could take care of his house with it. Listen to the hilarity that ensued in the studio.


Kevin Karlson trolled us with pictures like this while he enjoyed sunny Florida during Boston's horrible winter. (Photo: @KevinKarlson/Twitter)

Kevin Recaps His Florida Vacation with Patsy

Kevin went down to Florida and it involved the elderly, police and bags. Listen to find out the whole story.


(Pete McKenzie/

Did K&M Find Matt Light at the Patriots Parade? [VIDEO]

There are plenty of big, bearded guys in the world. But is this guy Matt Light undercover at the parade? Pete McKenzie thinks so.



Patsy Made Her Super Bowl Pick, and Some Screaming Was Involved

Patsy is out of the hospital and called in to make her pick for the big game Sunday. Listen to how she picked and oh, the screaming.



Patsy Isn’t Doing So Well: Here’s Kevin’s Update

Kevin went to Connecticut to visit Patsy while she is dealing with heart problems. Listen to how kind of sweet he gets.


July 1937:  A man pouring coins onto a table.  (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Kevin Wants To Know: When Do You Tip Someone?

Kevin didn’t know whether to tip his carpet installer yesterday or not. He asked the show and they went over scenarios.


HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 27:  Actress Sara Paxton during the after party for the MGM Premiere of "Sleepover" at the Archlight Cinerama Dome on June 27, 2004 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Kevin’s Daughter Had Her Boyfriend Sleep Over

Kevin was not happy to have the boyfriend of her daughter stay overnight. Pete told him that he doesn’t allow it anymore. Some listeners gave advice.




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