How Did Kevin Scare His Wife TWICE?!Hear the tales and decide if you’d be just as scared.
Who is Going to College… Kevin or his Daughter?Kevin got a phone call last night from his daughter at a late hour since you know, we all wake up early to put on a morning show. It was another call about a paper that is due and she needed Kevin to help her with it.
Kevin Was One Degree Away From Big Winnings!Right next to Kevin when he sat down, was a guy racking up a huge jackpot. Kevin tried to talk to him but all he could do was nod before it eventually became a huge deal.
Kevin Found People That Run the Marathon DrunkKevin was a little shocked by a few habits he found by marathon runners yesterday.
Kevin Found a Loud Marathon SpectatorThis is just one person he ran into yesterday between finishing our broadcast at TJ’s and walking to our cars.
Kevin Karlson's Marathon Runner Pet PeevesSocial media bragging, the 26.2 bumper stickers and people who wear their Boston marathon Jacket year round are some of the gripes.
Will Kevin Buy A Restaurant With His Brother In Law?Kevin has been badgered by his brother in law to go in on a restaurant with him. Kevin doesn’t know the first thing about running one except being a customer that eats and complains.
Kevin Doesn’t Believe How Much A Cap & Gown Costs!Kevin’s daughter is graduating from college soon and she called him yesterday to ask for money to pay for her cap and gown.
Is Kevin Going To Hell?Kevin told us the story of how he went into the church, grabbed the bulletin and worked his way throughout the church to exit and leave, without staying for mass.
Kevin Karlson Recaps A Crazy Saturday NightKevin hit the sauce hard this past weekend and we ain’t talking tomato sauce.
What Happened to Kevin’s Stapler?!Stapler-Gate hit the show yesterday when Kevin couldn’t find his stapler. It threw him off and immediately went to investigate it and grill some other employees in the building.
Kevin Karlson Has a Problem With PasswordsKevin let us in on how he is having problem dealing with passwords online and specifically his banking password because of the security questions.

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