Did Kevin Karlson Get Conned During His Cruise?Kevin is fresh back from his cruise and told us a story that could’ve ended up badly.
What Does the Karlson & McKenzie Show Have Planned for Vacation?The show is taking some time off next week to recharge some batteries of the Super Bowl trip and the busy week after.
Jerk of the Week Alert! Man Steals Football From Little Pats FanKevin believes he’s the Jerk of the Week but Pete seemed to have some reservations about it. Hear and decide for yourself.
How Do You Blow Into A Horn At a Pats Parade?Kevin wanted to test his skills on the vuvuzela and well... you’ll hear it.
Kevin Karlson’s Disturbing Cruise Phone CallIs he overreacting?
Recapping the Super Bowl and Heather’s Driving from HoustonA Pats fan from Atlanta checked in with us today to tell us how the mood is down in the Peach State.
Karlson & McKenzie Brought Some Gifts Back for Metalhead Mike & JacksonThe guys came back with a little gift from Mike and Jackson because they either felt sorry for them or wanted to give them kudos.
Kevin & Pete Get Into A Shouting Match with Falcon Fans!Kevin asked for a picture with them and was DENIED! So Kevin had to talk to them and it turned heated pretty quickly! Hear how it all went down.
What Happens When Heather Drives a Drunk Karlson & McKenzie?Hear what happened in the car ride.
Karlson & McKenzie Talk To Former NFL Head Coach Steve MariucciThey talked to him about the Falcons losing a playbook, why former NFL head coaches won’t go back to coaching after their cushy TV gigs and explains how Steve passed on choosing Tom Brady for his team.
What Do You Think Julian Edelman Thought of Kevin Karlson’s Questions?Kevin was constantly rejected for asking a question. It could’ve been all the horseplay going on with Kevin and others in the front row.
Does Nate Solder Know What Tom Brady Endorses?Kevin got into his audio talking to Nate Solder quizzing him about what products Tom Brady is hawking. You’ll be surprised how much he knew.

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