What Happened to Kevin’s Stapler?!Stapler-Gate hit the show yesterday when Kevin couldn’t find his stapler. It threw him off and immediately went to investigate it and grill some other employees in the building.
Kevin Karlson Has a Problem With PasswordsKevin let us in on how he is having problem dealing with passwords online and specifically his banking password because of the security questions.
Why is Kevin’s Wife Commenting on Men in Front of Him?Kevin’s wife has commented twice in the past week about how good looking someone is and it threw Kevin off because she’s never done it before. Pete said his wife does it all the time.
Kevin and His Wife Were Grossed Out During DinnerIt was supposed to be a nice evening out, until another couple a few tables over started... well...
Kevin Karlson Was Trapped In His House With His DaughterKevin wanted to know how she’ll be spending the rest of the week because she claimed to be bored.
Kevin Karlson's Daughter’s Spring Break Was CANCELLEDKevin noted the only island she’ll be visiting will be the one in the kitchen. To make it even worse, all of her friends made it.
Kevin Karlson Was Sad He Didn’t Get Served Drinks on a PlaneKevin was flying home from visiting his Mother and at the beginning of his flight, the passengers were notified that they were not going to served alcoholic drinks.
Is Kevin Karlson Normal? How About Our Listeners?Kevin told us today that he likes to smell his socks even after the longest of days at night. Is he normal?
Why Does Kevin Hate Coming Into the City?Kevin got an email from a pair of listeners proclaiming he is a Boston’s favorite son because he hates going into the city or even further than 20 miles.
What’s Up with Chuck? Wishing Kevin a Happy BirthdayPete asked Mr. Movie Star (using that term loosely here) to wish Kevin Karlson a happy birthday.
Dale Doesn’t Like the Senseless SurveyWe are always looking for feedback but this went to another level.
Kevin was Tickled in Front of DoctorsHis Mother’s doctor and 2 others looked at Kevin watching this show while all they hear is sounds of men tickling each other. Can you say AWKWARD?

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