Kevin Had A Killer Dream About Someone On The ShowKevin was 15 minutes into  a nap on his recliner and woke up from a crazy dream.
Why Did Kevin Freak Out After Mowing the Lawn?Kevin felt bad Sunday after mowing the lawn because he ran over something. He talked about various things he and Pete have ran over in the past but it turns out it was a praying mantis.
Kevin Needs Help Dressing Himself Senseless SurveyAfter complaining about his wife not laying out the proper clothes for him today including his underwear with Heather giving him the business for it, Kevin finally got into the Survey dialing up a woman he was good at the beginning of the call but that was about to change.
Michael Phelps Wasn't The Only One To Race A Shark This Week
How Far Do You Go To Sneak Food Into a Movie?Over the weekend Kevin tricked his wife into seeing the new movie "Dunkirk." If he had told her it was a war movie, she never would have gone with him.
What Do You See While You’re Hiking? Dead Bodies? Pickles?Saturday morning, Pete’s daughter went out for a hike in New Hampshire in the White Mountains and all she had was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sam, Pete’s daughter, ended up going on the hike with a guide and talked about….DEAD BODIES!
Choking on Almonds Senseless SurveyWhat would it take to get this guy off the phone? Would it be a question about "Stairway to Heaven" being referenced an obnoxious amount, if his parents are unconditionally disappointed in him, or What his favorite curse word is?
Kevin Karlson’s Treasure Hunt at Joe's RockKevin spent the afternoon out at Joe's Rock in Wrentham with his daughter and his metal detector for some treasure hunting.
What are Karlson & McKenzie Doing For Shark Week?After discussing Shark Week and how the Discovery Channel is approaching the big race between Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps and a Great White Shark, Kevin announced that the show is going to recreate it in dysfunctional fashion.
Kevin Karlson & Jackson’s Treasure Hunt ChallengeAfter finding some old audio on his phone, Kevin had an idea for a challenge between Jackson and himself.
That’s A Stupid Question Senseless SurveyIt’s a Friday and Kevin got someone today on the first try! It’s been a few weeks since that has happened, we believe.
Want to Take a Bike Ride Through Boston… NAKED?!We talked to Sara from the World Naked Bike Ride that is taking place in Boston this weekend. We had her on a couple years back but we wanted to know if it grew at all.

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