Win Tickets to Bruins Opening Night and a Stay in the Bobby Orr Suite!The Bruins are back, and Karlson & McKenzie want you to see the Home Opener in style!
What’s a “Stove Sandwich” in the Karlson Household?Do you have wacky or different names for food different from the norm?
Mouth Synonyms Senseless SurveyOn this wet and windy Wednesday thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Jose, Kevin dialed up a guy to give him the Senseless Survey promising it would only be thirty seconds.
Who is The Worst Red Sox Coach in 40 Years?Pete was at his local watering hole and talked to a guy that has been a season ticket holder for the Red Sox for over 40 years. The first year he bought them, they were $6.25 a game and now it’s $125!
Kevin’s Itsy Bitsy Spider ProblemKevin first asked if anyone on the show has an exterminator.
The Tracheotomy Senseless SurveyToday’s survey had Kevin ringing up a woman who answered on seemed skeptical with her agreement to take it.
Is Pete Getting Stage Fright About Officiating A Wedding?Pete seems to be really nervous about the upcoming wedding he has to officiate!
Should This One Thing Influence A Decision For Kevin?Is Kevin right to be worried that his driveway repairman had to blow into a device to start his car?
Crying In The Shower Senseless SurveyAfter talking about Hurricane Jose making his way up the coast, Kevin was able to dial up someone on a Monday after a few rings.
Pete talks with Bruins' David Backes, Patrice Bergeron, and Ryan Spooner!Pete caught up with a few Bruins players. Take a listen!
Jackson & Pete Re-enact 'Preacher' ScenesDo you think Jackson sounds like Eugene from 'Preacher'?
Can Kevin Get A Witness?!Kevin and the guys couldn't understand what a murder witness was saying. Can you?

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