Will Pete and His Wife Actually Get Tattoos Together?Pete had a conversation with his wife over the weekend to pursue the idea. Is it going to actually happen?
Heather’s New Pug is Impacting Things At HomeHeather revealed to us today that her sex life has taken a dramatic turn since a new dog was brought into her home.
The Jealous Senseless SurveyIt’s a Monday and the guy that picked up the phone when Kevin rang him up sure sounded like he had a case of the Mondays.
Would You Take a Sniff of Tom Brady’s Jersey?After Kevin played the announcement of the Patriots coming to the White House for their championship visit, Pete played us some audio from the Bruins game where he asked some ladies if they would take a sniff of Tom Brady’s Jersey.
Pete McKenzie and His Wife Want Matching TattoosPete’s wife is turning 50 and she has been throwing around ideas including getting matching tattoos with Pete.
What Happened to Kevin’s Stapler?!Stapler-Gate hit the show yesterday when Kevin couldn’t find his stapler. It threw him off and immediately went to investigate it and grill some other employees in the building.
Winners and Losers Senseless SurveyShe finally hung up on a question regarding phones ironically.
Karlson & McKenzie Suite Night at the Boston CelticsThe show was lucky enough to get a suite at the Celtics game last night so we could host some listeners but there was one thing in particular that wasn’t in the suite which we warned the listeners ahead of time. That was no food was in the suite.
Karlson & McKenzie Try To Inspire David Backes of the Boston BruinsThe show selected some motivational speeches to help the Bruins slide into the playoffs. Hear which one Backes liked best.
Thought This Was Going To Be Quick Senseless SurveyA lucky fella was rung up and Kevin told him the survey would be real quick.
Kevin Karlson Has a Problem With PasswordsKevin let us in on how he is having problem dealing with passwords online and specifically his banking password because of the security questions.
Jackson has FINALLY Started to Make Wedding Plans!Listen to find out what the problem was and where the wedding is going to be held.

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