Karlson & McKenzie

Karlson's Banker Vs. JacksonKevin invited his banker in to have a friendly radio voice battle with Producer Jackson.
Comedian Rich Vos Visits K&MComedian Rich Vos stopped by this morning to promote his show at Laugh Boston Friday night and Saturday. Listen to him talk about waking up early and sports.
Pete on the Street Brady Ruling ReactionPete went to a local pub establishment to get reaction to the ruling that favored Tom Brady. Take a listen.
Kevin Got His Physical ResultsKevin had his physical yesterday and also the results of said physical. Listen to how he reacted to what the doctor had to say.
Going Into Labor Day Weekend Senseless with SurveyTake this survey with you and share amongst your friends this Labor Day weekend.
Jon "Raging" Keller Talks about Don Orsillo and Incoming StudentsJon Keller was super raging this morning about NESN letting Don Orsillo and the incoming college kids that are going to wreak havoc on Boston.
Doug Flutie Talks Globies, Brady & Orsillo with K&MDoug Flutie checked in this morning to promote his hosting of the Globies. Listen to what that is all about and also his take on Tom Brady and Don Orsillo.
How Much Has Jackson Raised for His Windshield and What Cartoon Character Does He Sound Like?Jackson gives us an update on how much money he has raised to replace his windshield. One caller pointed out what cartoon character he sounds like also. Take a listen.
The 'Muppets' Senseless SurveyOne question stirred a little debate between K&M on the hottest Muppet. Yes, you read that correctly. Listen for the question and their debate.
Jackson Gives Us An Update On His GoFundMe For a New WindshieldJackson started a GoFundMe page to replace his cracked windshield because his insurance won't pay for it. Yes, we know it's ridiculous but he's broke.
The Tattooed Senseless SurveyThis man tried to get off the phone but kept answering. Listen to the tattoo Q&A.
Looks Like Jackson Scored Some Sweet Items RecentlyBetween the Allston Christmas and a yard sale, hear what Jackson has procured. He also had a sad story about his car. Listen to hear the highs and lows.

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