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K&M Try To Help Mike With Tinder

There was a girl that used Tinder to get her car shoveled out. This gave Kevin and Pete a chance to ask Producer Mike about his experience with Tinder so far. Hear how they “try” to help him.

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Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey….Here in the U.S.

Ever wondered why the Grateful Dead were so good everyone had to be messed up to see them live? Do you sometimes get sad Penguins can’t fly but then you remember you don’t have to clean their crap of your car?

23 hours ago

Like football, manhood size is a game of inches. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Measuring Up: New Study Reveals Mens’ Average Manhood Size

A recent study just came out on how men shouldn’t be shy about their size because of the new numbers. K&M discussed it this morning.


Kevin & Pete know each other well enough to give each other massages, anyway. (Photo: WZLX.com)

Jackson Asked K&M How Well They Know Each Other

Inspired by the recent Red Sox players Q&A, Jackson wanted K&M to play a similar game since they have been together for 30 years. Listen to how it went down.


Senseless Survey DL

The “Anonymous” Senseless Survey

This guy wanted to be anonymous which means he apparently has never taken a survey before. Listen to how he did.


Even Obama celebrates St. Patrick's Day at a bar. (Photo by Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)

Only 14% of People Go to a Bar on St. Patrick’s Day? HA!

Can’t get over this new “study” from Omaha Steaks. They claim only 14 percent of people go to a bar for St. Patrick’s Day. Did they not include Boston in the survey? Because those numbers are WAY OFF around here.


Soccer players would fit right in during "Kick in the Crotch Week." (Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

Is It “Kick in the Crotch Week?”

Kevin and Pete have noticed a pattern of people getting kicked where the sun don’t shine. It started with Lebron James and then Jon Stewart. Here are some stories from listeners.


Senseless Survey DL

The “Dumb” Senseless Survey

This guy thought many of the questions were dumb before calling it quits. How many “dumb” questions did he get through? Listen and find out.


Paulina Gretzky golfing is the closest thing to "golf pron" we have. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Pete Asks “Golf or Porn?”

Pete went to the Golf Expo last Friday. He gave some guys a list of words and asked whether they were associated with golf or porn.


The main entrance to South Beach on interstate 195 has an Art Deco welcoming sign that is illuminated by colorful lights during the night October 1, 2000 Miami Florida. (Photo by Robert King/Newsmakers)

What Was Found in Florida?

Kevin got what seemed to be a distressing phone call from family in Florida. After rushing to what was wrong, it turned out to be something COMPLETELY different. Listen to the story.




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