April Macie Visits Karlson & McKenzieKevin started off the segment saying he doesn’t think he could laugh anymore between Bob Saget stopping by and our fun with the unicorn Frappuccino. April Macie changed that though really quick after her introduction.
Bob Saget Everybody!Bob Saget joined us this morning and told us his love for Warren Zevon before we got into how stand up acts come to town and complain about waking up early to do press to promote themselves.
The Allergy Remedy Senseless SurveyWhen Kevin finally asked about a “remedy” for allergies, he couldn’t have hung up fast enough.
Is Jackson Getting a Car?Jackson has been complaining about his car ever since we had him on the air and it seems that it’s not going to recover from the rusted bucket of bolts ailment. He is worried to even drive the thing 20 miles!
Who is Going to College… Kevin or his Daughter?Kevin got a phone call last night from his daughter at a late hour since you know, we all wake up early to put on a morning show. It was another call about a paper that is due and she needed Kevin to help her with it.
The Quick Senseless SurveyOn this 4/20 of 2017, Kevin got a hold of a guy that agreed to answer questions but little did he know what was about to be asked.
Kevin Was One Degree Away From Big Winnings!Right next to Kevin when he sat down, was a guy racking up a huge jackpot. Kevin tried to talk to him but all he could do was nod before it eventually became a huge deal.
Dan Roche Reacts To Hernandez SuicideWe had Dan Roche on to react to Aaron Hernandez committing suicide this morning as he was waiting to board a plane to cover the Patriots visiting the White House.
The Ugly Friend Senseless SurveyKevin got a woman on the good ol’ horn as they call it but she wanted to make sure you knew she’s on her cell phone.
Kevin Found People That Run the Marathon DrunkKevin was a little shocked by a few habits he found by marathon runners yesterday.
Pete Talks To Runners of the Marathon… And Non-RunnersHear his story and other fun had by Pete during the Boston Marathon also including a chat with a guy from Brooklyn who talked about scream tunnel.
Kevin Found a Loud Marathon SpectatorThis is just one person he ran into yesterday between finishing our broadcast at TJ’s and walking to our cars.

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