Win Passes to Karlson & McKenzie's XXL Double Feature!It’s the Karlson & McKenzie XXL Double Feature (that’s double-XL double feature for those of you playing along at home.) We’ll be screening four movies on two screens!
Karlson & McKenzie's Yachts of Fun Cruise RecapKevin and Pete swabbed the decks last night aboard the Spirit of Boston for the Karlson & McKenzie "Yachts of Fun" Harbor Cruise. Hear how it went.
How Much Did Kevin's Daughter Learn At Camp?As soon as she walked through the door, Kevin grilled her about what words she learned while working there.
The Surfing Senseless SurveyHang ten with today's Senseless Survey!
Can You Pronounce "Flugtag" After The Boston Event?Red Bull held their annual Flugtag event in Boston this year which caused a stir in the city.
We Sent Jackson To Jimmy BuffettJackson was sent to Jimmy Buffett over the weekend because most of us on the show don't like parrotheads.
Kevin Almost Beat Up A Guy With A ShovelKevin was doing some gardening and yard work when all of a sudden his wife noticed him chasing someone with a shovel.
Pete Had An Accident Golfing With the BossEverything was going well until Pete got behind the wheel of the golf cart.
Chocolate Coin Senseless SurveyChocolate coins won't buy you much, but they are delicious.. Much like today's Senseless Survey!
Massachusetts Native Michael Chiklis Has A New BandThis morning K&M talked to Michael Chiklis. If you don't know him, he stareed in "The Commish", "The Shield" and more currently on "Gotham" but besides acting, he loves music.
Pete's Wife Ran Into a Chick-Fil-A OwnerPete had a story to tell about his wife Sandy running into an owner of a Chick-Fil-A. As you can imagine he had numerous questions to ask.
The Pool Noodle Senseless SurveyWe are all about aquatic activities in the summer time here at the Senseless Survey.

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