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Hooters Is Coming To Russia!

Andrei Kirilenko from the Brooklyn Nets is looking to bring Russia its first Hooters franchise and we’re pretty sure it’s going to fail majestically.

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Pete On The Street: STEALING EASTER CANDY! 04/18/14

Nothing makes Easter exciting quite like candy theft and 4/20.

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K&M Corrections 04/18/14

Braden has a field day with Kevin’s lack of classic rock and singing knowledge.

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VIDEO: Kawasaki Mastering The English Language

This is a MUST WATCH video!

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K&M Corrections 04.17.14

Kevin talks about Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg’s engagement and messes things up.

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Bruins’ Gregory Campbell Talks Stanley Cup Playoffs

Bruins’ center Greg Campbell talked to K&M about the NHL Playoffs, the teams health, and Zdeno Chara and his beloved “Bunny Suit”!

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Jenny McCarthy Is Going To Be A Wahlberg!

Jenny McCarthy recently got engaged to Donnie Wahlberg and broke the news to the world on The View. The reaction of her co-hosts is priceless. Donnie told his family too and theirs was just as good!

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Kevin’s Daughter Thought She Was Dying?!

Kevin got a text that said “I’m going to die…”

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VIDEO: Kid Kicked In The Head By A Conductor on a MOVING Train

Anyone who takes “selfies” needs a kick in the head. Well, this kid actually got just that!

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