Ritchie Blackmore Is Looking "Pudgy" and Playing "a Little Flat" These Days, Says Tom HamiltonTom told Joey Kramer that Rainbow sounded good when he opened for them, but that Ritchie didn't seem too passionate about playing.
15-Year-Old Bret Michaels Attempted to Become Famous by Moving to Boston For 11 Days"I lived there, I survived until I ran out of money in about eleven days, and took a greyhound back," Bret told Joey Kramer.
Joey Kramer Confirms Aerosmith World Tour For 2017While live on the air, Joey also recruited the local rock band Extreme to join Aerosmith on the road.
Kevin Bought What From An Infomercial?!Kevin must've been really bored last night because he went bought something from an infomercial and you won't believe what it was.
Pick Up With Your Feet Senseless SurveyWonder if someone can pick up the phone with their feet in today's Senseless Survey.
Stephen Ambrose Is Fixing Brian Johnson's HearingKevin and Pete talked to Stephen Ambrose who is responsible for creating in ear devices to help artists hear the show as well as themselves.
Are You A Man That Likes Fruity Drinks?What would you guess Kevin's favorite fruity drink to be? What about Pete?
Karlson & McKenzie Talk To An Expert On The Led Zeppelin TrialTim English gave us plenty of info on the trial including the money made off 'Stairway to Heaven' and a few acts accused of stealing music.
Don't Be Alarmed Senseless SurveyThere is no reason to be concerned, it's just a regular Senseless Survey... Nothing to see here, people...
How Did Kevin, Pete and Jackson Do On Their Golf Wager?Hear how it went down for Kevin, Pete and Jackson, and find out what they ultimately won.
What Did Kevin Think of 'The Conjuring 2'?Hear all about the movie, and of course, the snacks he ate.
The Ant Farm Senseless SurveyOne question about an ant farm got Heather to perk up a little bit during the Senseless Survey this morning.

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