News From Pete On Foreign Exchange StudentsPete's daughter has a friend from the foreign exchange program and he has a few tip for living on a handsome budget.
Senseless Survey: Are You Close Friends With Your Split Personality?We call people up at random and see how long they will let Kevin torture them with random questions.
The Senseless Survey: Did You Experiment With College During Sex?Who taught you self-confidence and why did you believe that person? Yet another unsuspecting caller is the victim of today's Senseless Survey.
Meet Kevin's New Golf Teacher: Dipok!
7:15 Senseless Survey: Who's The Boss?
Mike Gorman Joins K&M
Peter Gammons Talks Sox & Music With K&M
Karlson's Bucket List
Senseless Survey: Grandma's Murderous Hobbies
See Why Karlson Spent Last Night In The Emergency Room
7:15 Senseless Survey: Pythagorean Love Theorem
Mike Gorman On Toronto & Tattoos

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