Karlson & McKenzie Intervention: Jackson’s Golfing HabitsYesterday evening, Pete took call screener and associate producer Jackson to the golf course with some buddies to squeeze in the last of summer’s warm weather hitting the links.
Jackson Talked to Pats Fans At CampHear the rest of the questions Jackson asked from Brady to Belichick to Gronk.
Was Kevin and Jackson’s Treasure A Pleasure?About two weeks ago now, Kevin and Jackson made a little challenge for each other to use their metal detectors and come back with something of value. They would go head to head to find out who is the better treasure hunter.
Jackson Tries to Get Some Chants Going at Patriots Training CampPete wanted Jackson to try to start some chants in the crowd at Gillette with his "distinctive" voice. Would he be able to convince the masses to chant along with him? 
Jackson Goes To The Opening Of Patriots Training CampWe sent Jackson to Foxboro the opening of Pats training this morning and sent us back some audio to playback.
How Do They Spell Queen in the U.K.?Jackson went to Queen last night along with his sweet mom Agnes.
Kevin Had A Killer Dream About Someone On The ShowKevin was 15 minutes into  a nap on his recliner and woke up from a crazy dream.
Michael Phelps Wasn't The Only One To Race A Shark This Week
What are Karlson & McKenzie Doing For Shark Week?After discussing Shark Week and how the Discovery Channel is approaching the big race between Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps and a Great White Shark, Kevin announced that the show is going to recreate it in dysfunctional fashion.
Kevin Karlson & Jackson’s Treasure Hunt ChallengeAfter finding some old audio on his phone, Kevin had an idea for a challenge between Jackson and himself.
Mamma Mia! Jackson Went to the Pizza FestivalWe sent Jackson to the Boston Pizza Festival that happened over the weekend. He went on Sunday afternoon and talked to some people that attended.
Jackson Was Scared At Fenway For the Dead & Co ShowWe sent Jackson down to talk to some deadheads at Fenway for the Dead & Company show and he was scared to go there because a bunch of factors.

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