Mamma Mia! Jackson Went to the Pizza FestivalWe sent Jackson to the Boston Pizza Festival that happened over the weekend. He went on Sunday afternoon and talked to some people that attended.
Jackson Was Scared At Fenway For the Dead & Co ShowWe sent Jackson down to talk to some deadheads at Fenway for the Dead & Company show and he was scared to go there because a bunch of factors.
Who on the Karlson & McKenzie Show Is Taking Chantix?Pete was not happy about the fact that he is taking it during the show. Why? Well there are many, many side effects to the drug that can negatively impact the show.
Will Jackson See Metallica This Year? Metalhead Mike Isn’t Helping…Jackson was in a sour mood during the show this morning because Mike sold his extra Metallica ticket that he bought for his now ex-girlfriend.
Is Jackson Getting a Car?Jackson has been complaining about his car ever since we had him on the air and it seems that it’s not going to recover from the rusted bucket of bolts ailment. He is worried to even drive the thing 20 miles!
Will Jackson Still Have His Wedding At Heather’s House?Got any tips for Jackson? Let us know.
Karlson & McKenzie Suite Night at the Boston CelticsThe show was lucky enough to get a suite at the Celtics game last night so we could host some listeners but there was one thing in particular that wasn’t in the suite which we warned the listeners ahead of time. That was no food was in the suite.
Jackson has FINALLY Started to Make Wedding Plans!Listen to find out what the problem was and where the wedding is going to be held.
Jackson Had a Two Night Snowcation At A HotelHe took advantage of the radio station's offer to put employees up, by doing the two nights stay and never went home to his fiancé.
A Karlson & McKenzie PSA: A Tick Apocalypse Is Coming!Hear the tale of how Jackson had a tick on him while no one believed him until much later.
Karlson & McKenzie Brought Some Gifts Back for Metalhead Mike & JacksonThe guys came back with a little gift from Mike and Jackson because they either felt sorry for them or wanted to give them kudos.
Jackson Talks to Fans At the Patriots RallyAfter Kevin and Pete talked about the media day and what questions they should ask some players, they went into audio of Jackson talking to some fans and a minuteman down at Gillette Stadium for the Patriots Send Off Rally.

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