Pete McKenzie Talks To Patriots Fans During the ParadePete was at the Pats Parade and ran into Trevor who called into the show the next morning after the Super Bowl claiming he was up all night after the game still partying.
Pete McKenzie Talks About Kids Spoiled Over Championships At the ParadePete talked to this little guy Evan and his Mom about the Pats winning it for his whole life being spoiled.
How Do You Blow Into A Horn At a Pats Parade?Kevin wanted to test his skills on the vuvuzela and well... you’ll hear it.
Rob Halford Looks Back on Judas Priest's 'Turbo'"It's normal to have a record or two where your fans push back a little bit," Halford says about the then-controversial album.
Charlie Day Visits With Karlson & McKenzieKevin asked him about how he watched the Super Bowl due to his Rhode Island roots and would he stick around for the parade.
Kevin & Pete Get Into A Shouting Match with Falcon Fans!Kevin asked for a picture with them and was DENIED! So Kevin had to talk to them and it turned heated pretty quickly! Hear how it all went down.
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Checks in with Karlson & McKenzie Before the Big Game!Mayor Walsh is a busy man but we were able to get a hold of him to spend a few minutes to get his thoughts on the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
Is There a Dark Side to Matthew Slater?Kevin caught up with him during one of the media sessions was able to ask him just that.
Doug Flutie Visits Karlson & McKenzie on Radio RowThey went over numerous things from staying in shape, playing a flag football game with NFL players, and if his band was playing before the game.
Karlson & McKenzie Chat with Dick Vermeil about Football And WineFormer NFL Head Coach Dick Vermeil was at radio row while the guys were there in Houston for the Super Bowl.
Pete McKenzie Asked Martellus Bennett To Compare Pats Players to Children’s Book CharactersPete asked him who on the Patriots would resemble Thing 1 & 2 from Dr Seuss, the Little Engine That Could, Mogli and what was his favorite children book character.
Karlson & McKenzie Talk To Former NFL Head Coach Steve MariucciThey talked to him about the Falcons losing a playbook, why former NFL head coaches won’t go back to coaching after their cushy TV gigs and explains how Steve passed on choosing Tom Brady for his team.

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