Sean Grande Talks Celtics & Bulls Game 5After poking fun at how Sean Grande sounded like in Game 4, they transitioned to talk about Rando possibly playing in game 5 despite what the team is saying.
Peter Gammons Checks In with Karlson & McKenziePeter Gammons gave us a call this morning to talk, well what else, RED SOX!
How’s Billy Jaffe Doing Since the Bruins Are Done?We checked in on Billy Jaffe to make sure he’s doing okay since the Boston Bruins are officially done for the 2016-2017 season.
This Family Took Patriots Fandom To The Mouse!The McClusky family took their April vacation to the land of Disney for spring break and planned an epic picture that has gone viral.
Tommy Heinsohn Reacts to Celtics/Bulls Game 4Tommy joined us once again this morning but no nude art talk. Just strictly ball talk of the basket variety.
April Macie Visits Karlson & McKenzieKevin started off the segment saying he doesn’t think he could laugh anymore between Bob Saget stopping by and our fun with the unicorn Frappuccino. April Macie changed that though really quick after her introduction.
Bob Saget Everybody!Bob Saget joined us this morning and told us his love for Warren Zevon before we got into how stand up acts come to town and complain about waking up early to do press to promote themselves.
Kevin Found People That Run the Marathon DrunkKevin was a little shocked by a few habits he found by marathon runners yesterday.
Pete Talks To Runners of the Marathon… And Non-RunnersHear his story and other fun had by Pete during the Boston Marathon also including a chat with a guy from Brooklyn who talked about scream tunnel.
Kevin Found a Loud Marathon SpectatorThis is just one person he ran into yesterday between finishing our broadcast at TJ’s and walking to our cars.
Pegi Young Dishes On Writing Music Post-Divorce From Neil Young"When you go through stuff - loss, and grief and what not - there's probably always gonna be a little scar there."
Karlson & McKenzie Spoke to Dylan Wagner After Robert Kraft Gave Him A CallIf you don’t know how Dylan Wagner is and you’re a Patriots fan, you need your fan card revoked!

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