When Nature Calls: Desperate Times Call For Desperate MeasuresWhen kaka happens and you can't flush the toilet, what do you do?
Mugshot Monday: Assault With a Deadly VCRIn this week's Mugshot File: A woman beat up her boyfriend because he refused sex, while another tried to hit a store manager with a VCR. In other news, VCRs still exist.
Watch Seth MacFarlane's Incredible Celebrity ImpressionsSeth MacFarlane is a master of voice acting, but he's also great at doing random celebrity impressions on command. Watch him do a spot-on Liam Neeson, among other hilarious impersonations.
'Globe' Cartoonist Dan Wasserman Sums Up Tom Brady's Ridiculous Suspension with One ComicI know, you're sick of DeflateGate talk. But if you think TOm Brady's suspension is absurd, you'll agree that this comic by the 'Globe's' Dan Wasserman sums it up hilariously.
Karlson Got a Surprise Pie to the Face on Christmas [VIDEO]A relative at Kevin Karlson's family Christmas SMASHED a whipped cream pie right in Kevin's face, and Kevin just took it all in stride. Click through to see it!
What's The Most Embarrassing Moments in Sports History?Lamarr Houston of the Chicago Bears injured himself celebrating a sack - on Jimmy Garoppolo, no less - in yesterday's blowout loss to the Patriots. The guys go over some of the most embarrassing moments in sports history.
Senseless Survey: Amnesia-Protected ComputersKevin's subject makes it through 12 questions on Friday - if you count all the weird sexual ones at the end. She actually gives some good, solid, honest answers before she realizes what she's in for!
This is Basically the First 5 Seconds of Every Fighting Game [VIDEO]You know the feeling when you play a fighting game for the first time: you're just making sure you have all the controls down, figuring out which buttons jump and block, and BAM your opponent "accidentally" punches you in the face. Then it's ON! These guys just recreated that perfectly.
Bill Burr Has a Cynical Take on Women and the NFLBill Burr is well-known for his many routines on relationships with women, as well as being a football fanatic. So here's his take on why he believes women are trying to take over the NFL from men.
This Church Drummer Thinks He's Neil Peart With This Drum Solo [VIDEO]Hey, is that Neil Peart over there? Nope, just some Christian drummer with the most absurd drum solo ever played in a church.
Brad Marchand vs. Manny Pacquiao: Who Sang Better?Marchand and Manny Pac sing
Here's the Funniest Shower Prank in a Long TimeFor this dad, dumping cold water on his showering son wasn't enough. He had to scare him even FURTHER with a gas mask. Hilarity ensues.

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