Kid Gets Kicked in the Head Trying to Take a “Selfie” in Front of a Moving Train [VIDEO]

This “selfie” nonsense is nauseating, and anyone who takes one deserves a kick in the head. Well, this dude actually got one.

18 hours ago


VIDEO: This Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Unleashes A Hilarious Set Of Instructions For Her Passengers

This Southwest Airlines flight attendant has achieved the impossible: She has actually made flying enjoyable.

100.7 WZLX–23 hours ago


“That Guy” With Big Head Braden: Braden Vs. Hipsters 04.14.14

Braden’s hipster friend is “That Guy” who is in a hipster bar but thinks he’s in a dive bar. Any bar named State Park in Kendall Square is definitely a hipster bar!

100.7 WZLX–04/14/2014

(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images for PLAYERS INC)

Worst ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fail Ever? Guy Loses $1 Million on Mispronunciation [VIDEO]

There’s wrong answers. There’s incorrect answers based on technicalities. And then there’s this guy.


In this image provided by Nintendo, video game icon Mario is shown. (AP Photo/Nintendo)

‘Super Mario Bros.’ Is The Best – But ‘Realistic Mario’ Doesn’t Look Too Fun [VIDEO]

If you could name just one video game that you know off the top of your head, you’re most likely going to say “Super Mario Bros.” It’s the undisputed champion of console gaming, the one […]


Carter Alan With The Stars: Bono

Jack White, PitBull & John Frusciante: Is Carter Gonna Like It?

Is our Music Director Carter going to like these new jams? Probably not, but we’ll still try and see if we can find one that he’ll like!

100.7 WZLX–04/10/2014


Watch a Girl’s Hilarious Reaction to Her Car Getting Damaged by Hail

By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff) This girl in Texas went to her car after a hailstorm only to find the glass smashed and strewn across the whole vehicle. She was understandably upset. Did she cry about […]


(Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Carwash Terrifies Little Girl [VIDEO]

This little girl does not like car washes whatsoever.

100.7 WZLX–04/08/2014


This Drunk Driver’s Shirt Told The Whole Story

It’s really hard to talk yourself out of a DUI. It must be damn-near impossible to do so while wearing the shirt this guy had on.


Senseless Survey DL

Senseless Survey 04.07.14 : Calendar Factories, Forrest Gump’s Password & Windbreakers

Kevin asked the guy who was mind- boggled seven questions.

100.7 WZLX–04/07/2014