How's Heather Doing Driving Her Husband's Truck?Heather has been driving her husband's Ford truck since hers broke down the other day and she's had a couple problems driving it.
Did Kevin Or Heather Ruin The Last Meal Game?This Last Meal Game didn't go so well because Kevin started to brag how he is the "champ" and Heather let slip the word "meat" which irked Kevin.
How Did Heather Lose Her Voice in Denver?!Heather is back fresh from her quick trip with her sister to Denver, CO.
Heather Is Going To Denver For What?!Heather makes a quick Fall trip with her sister every year to a new city. This time it's good ol' Denver, Colorado.
Are Karlson & McKenzie Smarter Than Gary Johnson?After Gary Johnson made a gaffe over Syria and not knowing what Aleppo was, Heather wanted to quiz the guys with some questions to see if they are smarter then Gary.
Karlson & McKenzie's Yachts of Fun Cruise RecapKevin and Pete swabbed the decks last night aboard the Spirit of Boston for the Karlson & McKenzie "Yachts of Fun" Harbor Cruise. Hear how it went.
Heather Asked The Show For Some AdviceWhat advice would you give Heather?
Need Some Stud Service?Kevin thinks Heather should give this guy a call... What do you think?
Pete Feels Powerless in His Own HomeAre you as powerless as Pete McKenzie is when it comes to your home?
Heather Had A Wardrobe Malfunction!Yes, Heather Ford had some issues at the water park over the weekend...
Heather Plays Keno For the 1st TimeDo you have a KENO strategy you'd like to share with Heather and the rest of the class?
How Close Are Kevin Karlson & Pete McKenzie?A caller asked the show this morning if Kevin and Pete have a brotherhood going on considering they've been working together for almost 30 years.

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