Will Jackson Still Have His Wedding At Heather’s House?Got any tips for Jackson? Let us know.
Heather’s New Pug is Impacting Things At HomeHeather revealed to us today that her sex life has taken a dramatic turn since a new dog was brought into her home.
Is Heather Moving on from Champagne?Hear her describe how this all came about in her head and what the rest of the show drinks.
What Does the Karlson & McKenzie Show Have Planned for Vacation?The show is taking some time off next week to recharge some batteries of the Super Bowl trip and the busy week after.
Recapping the Super Bowl and Heather’s Driving from HoustonA Pats fan from Atlanta checked in with us today to tell us how the mood is down in the Peach State.
Karlson & McKenzie Brought Some Gifts Back for Metalhead Mike & JacksonThe guys came back with a little gift from Mike and Jackson because they either felt sorry for them or wanted to give them kudos.
What Happens When Heather Drives a Drunk Karlson & McKenzie?Hear what happened in the car ride.
What Did Kevin Karlson Agree To Do Without Consulting the Show?It’s something special regarding a close friend of his. Pete and Heather said they are fine with it.
A Funny Jack Nicholson & Dennis Hopper Golfing StoryFamed handicapper of bettering, Brandon Lang told us a funny story about going to LA to be a caddie to try and pitch a movie.
Karlson & McKenzie Finally Made It Houston!The guys couldn’t stop discussing Heather’s sleeping habits before they got into the details of what happened on their long... very long... trip to Houston.
What Will The Show Do In Houston… Besides Their JobsThe show got into a big discussion over what activities they’ll do in Houston. You know, besides doing their job of covering the Super Bowl.
Heather Ford Recaps Her Bon Jovi ExperienceThe results probably won’t surprise you because everyone was excited.

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