How Did Kevin Fare Fishing With Heather’s Husband?Kevin is back unscathed from going fishing with Heather’s husband John while Heather and Kevin’s wife went to Coldplay Friday night.
How Did Heather’s Former Student Do Day 2 on Jeopardy?Last night, Heather’s former student Richard was on Day 2 of competing on Jeopardy and Heather was proud of him for being on the show.
How Did One of Heather’s Former Students Do on Jeopardy?For those that don’t know, Heather was once a teacher and helped shape the minds of some kids for a period in her life before her “illustrious” radio career.
Kevin Wants To Know “What’s Your Stance?”Kevin asked Pete and Heather what their stance was on a series of questions. They didn’t know where this was going to go at first.
Kevin Karlson Can’t Believe Heather Has Never Had a Lobster Roll!Kevin brought up how a town is going for the Guinness Book of World Record of the longest lobster roll. It gave Kevin a chance to make his mouth water until Heather exclaimed she has never had one.
It’s The Greek Spelling Bee!Heather went to a Greek Festival in Braintree at St. Catherine’s and played a little game with some festival goers.
Gypsy Moths Are Back!Kevin saw news segment about the Gypsy Moth rashes which we played the clips of that Heather could relate to.
Will Jackson Still Have His Wedding At Heather’s House?Got any tips for Jackson? Let us know.
Heather’s New Pug is Impacting Things At HomeHeather revealed to us today that her sex life has taken a dramatic turn since a new dog was brought into her home.
Is Heather Moving on from Champagne?Hear her describe how this all came about in her head and what the rest of the show drinks.
What Does the Karlson & McKenzie Show Have Planned for Vacation?The show is taking some time off next week to recharge some batteries of the Super Bowl trip and the busy week after.
Recapping the Super Bowl and Heather’s Driving from HoustonA Pats fan from Atlanta checked in with us today to tell us how the mood is down in the Peach State.

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