Has Kevin Been Punking His Kid For Over 13 Years?Hear the discussion and find out if Chris replies to Kevin telling him that he loves him.
Karlson & McKenzie Intervention: Jackson’s Golfing HabitsYesterday evening, Pete took call screener and associate producer Jackson to the golf course with some buddies to squeeze in the last of summer’s warm weather hitting the links.
Pete McKenzie's Annual First Visit To Dairy QueenAfter enjoying the beautiful weather yesterday on the golf course, Pete went with the family for their first annual trip to the local Dairy Queen.
Why Isn’t There a Well Known Golfer from Boston?Pete was down at the golf expo over the weekend and talked to some great listeners including some that run a business for golf hats and shirts.
Pete Had An Accident Golfing With the BossEverything was going well until Pete got behind the wheel of the golf cart.
How Did Kevin, Pete and Jackson Do On Their Golf Wager?Hear how it went down for Kevin, Pete and Jackson, and find out what they ultimately won.
What's Up With Chuck?Pete is doing a golf league with Chuck Nowlin so we decided to start a new bit called "What's Up With Chuck?"
Will Pete Ever Golf With Jackson Again?Pete took Jackson to a big boy golf course Wednesday and Pete had a few issues with Jackson.
Pete Has Some Golf Fashion TroublesPete has a problem with his chest hair bothering him while playing golf so he called up an Aunt to help him out.
Pete Recaps His Golf VacationPete sounded like he had a blast golfing with some friends during his vacation. There is also his betting on the British Open. Take a listen.
Did Pete Have His Best Golf Day Ever?Pete was excited to tell everyone how the planets aligned and his golf game was on point yesterday. Listen to how it went down.
Classic Rock Classic Recap and Post-Show FunThanks to everyone that came out to the Classic Rock Classic. K&M talk about one listener that helped a lot while Jackson brought up a not so fun moment for Pete.

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