Ernie The Elf Gives It To ShawnErnie went after a naughty Shawn today. Mr. Kringle himself had to get in on the action.
Ernie The Elf: Nick Gets An Elf-A-GramErnie calls Nick to tell him why he's on the Naughty List.
Ernie The Christmas Elf: Yet Another Q&A With ErnieErnie answers some questions from, and shares with us Santa's desires and unfair treatment of kids around the world...
Ernie The Elf's Turbo Calls!To get the naughty list to a manageable level, Ernie calls a bunch of people in rapid succession.
Ernie Calls "Fire-Crotch" Shawn Ernie pokes fun at Shawn for being a ginger.
Ernie The Elf's Q&AErnie reveals some of the mysteries about the North Pole and Christmas magic.
Ernie Boch Jr. Makes It Onto The Cover Of 'Guitar Aficionado'Multimillionaire Ernie Boch Jr calls Into the show!
Ernie The Christmas Elf Calls Out Dan!Ernie hates on Dan's neck tattoo.
Ernie The Elf: Angry Daryl Can't Stop Breaking StuffScrew Thanksgiving! lets talk Christmas! Ernie's here to drop another of his patented Elf-A-Grams!
Ernie the Christmas Elf - Hannah! Ernie gets on two women's nerves today.
Ernie The Xmas Elf Calls Brad In The First Elf-A-Gram Of 2013! Every time you tell Santa what you want for Christmas, Ernie sells it to marketers. Brad wants to live on a farm. Ernie takes issue with that!
Ernie The Christmas Elf Is Back!Ernie gets very annoyed of people who put up decorations before Thanksgiving.

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