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Roger Waters and Eric Clapton Together in Hartford, CT, 1984

In 1984, Roger Waters and Eric Clapton launched ‘The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking’ tour together. Here are some photos from their first shows in the U.S., July 17 & 18 in Hartford, CT.


Picture taken July 13, 1985 in London of Wembley stadium at the beginning of the "Live Aid" concert, billed as the biggest rock event in the world. The 16-hour music marathon organised by Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof raised money to help the starving in Africa. (AFP PHOTO / PA FILES)

12 Essential Live-Aid Performances on Youtube

The iconic Live Aid benefit concerts took place 30 years ago today, bringing 2 billion people together to stop the 1985 famine in Africa. Here are some of the concert’s most unforgettable performances, including Queen, U2, Paul McCartney, and a reunited Led Zeppelin.


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Listen to Eric Clapton’s 1974 Concert At the Boston Garden

Clapton was in town 41 years ago, July 12, 1974 at the Boston Garden. Check out the full concert recording here.


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The Rolling Stones Unearth Alternate ‘Brown Sugar’ with Eric Clapton: Listen

The ‘Sticky Fingers’ reissue is out next week.


Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton Remembers B.B. King: ‘He Was a Beacon’ for Blues Fans

“He was a beacon for all of us who love this kind of music.”


B.B. King

R.I.P. B.B. King: Musicians React on Social Media

Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg, Eric Clapton and more reacted to the news of B.B. King’s death on their social media accounts.


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Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: April 18 in Classic Rock History

On this day in 1973, Neil Young’s movie “Journey Through the Past” premiered at the Dallas Film Festival. The soundtrack album had come out in November ’72 and was the second of two albums Neil released in that year. What was the other one?


The McCartney Wedding

Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: April 17 in Classic Rock History

In 1998 Linda McCartney lost her battle with cancer. How old was she when she died?


12-12-12 Concert Benefiting The Robin Hood Relief Fund To Aid The Victims Of Hurricane Sandy  - Show

Rock & Blues Legend Eric Clapton Turns 70

Happy birthday to Eric Clapton! Actually, the guitar God’s birthday is March 30th, but we couldn’t let the celebration get behind us! The extraordinary musician turns 70. But, the way Eric was leading his life […]