ChuckTV: Elf On The ShelfThis time of year, millions of parents invite the Elf on the Shelf into their homes to keep the kiddies in line. We decided that it worked so well, we'd put one in the WZLX studio as well.
Ernie The Elf Gives It To ShawnErnie went after a naughty Shawn today. Mr. Kringle himself had to get in on the action.
Ernie The Elf Is BACK!Friend of the show and hardworking North Pole foreman, Ernie The Elf made his seasonal return to the Karlson & McKenzie show this morning.
Ernie The Elf: Nick Gets An Elf-A-GramErnie calls Nick to tell him why he's on the Naughty List.
Ernie The Christmas Elf Corners Crystal! Ernie the Elf calls up another name on Santa's naughty list.
Ernie The Christmas Elf Calls Antonio The Fat Burnout!Ernie the Elf calls another unsuspecting naughty little boy, and lets him know that Santa is watching!
Ernie the Christmas Elf Calls Kristen, Hits on HeatherErnie the Christmas Elf calls up Kristen from the naughty list and reprimands her for all the awful things she's done.
Ernie The Christmas Elf Calls Amy!Ernie the Christmas Elf returns and gives every one a reason to stay off the naughty list.
Ernie the Christmas Elf Strikes Again!Ernie the Christmas Elf calls a couple of unsuspecting people and confronts them about their past indiscretions.
Ernie The Christmas Elf Calls A Cheating Wife!Ernie lays the smackdown on a recent divorcée.
Ernie the Elf, Refs, and Pete's Lock Of The WeekErnie the Elf is back on the attack!
Chatline Challenge: Heather the Elf

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