It Wouldn’t Be St. Patrick’s Day Without A Drunken Irish Spelling Bee!Hear the guys that Pete ran into and the words they had to spell from shamrock to donnybrook.
Karlson & McKenzie's Executive Producer Calls In Drunk After Guns N' RosesThere may have been a little too much jungle juice had last night at Guns N' Roses last night for Karlson & McKenzie's executive producer, Mike Mayer.
Mike The Drunk Falls In Love With Heather and Repeatedly Forgets Her NameThe drunk man wants to go on a date with the "the hot girl on the show."
Guy In Sombrero, Poncho Accused of Train-Surfing On The Commuter RailSure it's Cinco de Mayo, and we all want to have a little fun, but try not to go overboard like this guy from Worcester who was detained for "surfing" on top of a Worcester-bound MBTA commuter rail train on Saturday.
The Guy Who's Convinced That Kevin Karlson Is Actually MeatloafKevin and Pete went out to a bar last night and they found a very friendly drunkard who was absolutely convinced that Kevin was classic rock sensation Meatloaf.
Tony Siragusa: Art Modell, Drinking With The Colts, & Irregularity The Goose talks to K&P
Kid Wakes Up Acting Drunk After Surgery [VIDEO]Meet Matt. After a medical procedure he wakes up and is in such a daze he acts as he would if he were drunk. Wanna see the video?
Guy Gets A DUI... In A Cherry Picker [VIDEO]
College Student Does Drunk Impressions! (Uncensored!!!!!)
Randy Travis Arrested for Drinking in Public [VIDEO]
Don't Let THIS Happen To You [VIDEO]
Drunk, Stoned Or Both [VIDEO]

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