What’s The First You’d Eat After Being Sprung Free From Jail?Fred Clay was set free yesterday after spending years in prison and the first thing handed to him leaving the courthouse was a steak and cheese sandwich. This had us ask if you spent almost 40 years in jail, what would be the first thing you’d eat?
Kevin and His Wife Were Grossed Out During DinnerIt was supposed to be a nice evening out, until another couple a few tables over started... well...
Kevin Karlson Hates Little KidsKevin went out to dinner with his daughter before she went back to college but dinner was less than relaxing.
Great News! Eating Two Breakfasts Can Help Weight LossA recent study claims that eating two breakfasts can help you lose weight, limit snacking throughout the day and avoid binge eating during lunch.
Hear What Happened to Kevin While Out To Lunch With the Boss!Kevin and Pete went out to a lunch meeting with a boss. While Kevin was sitting down to eat, listen to what happened to him.
Kevin's Dinner Party Disaster!Multiple couples showed up to the Karlson homestead completely distraught over something they saw on the way over there and it wasn't pleasant...
Senseless Survey: What Are You Making For Kevin?
Tommy Mac: My Fish Is Bigger
Kevin Karlson: The Beatles, Chachi & a Halo

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