Ernie the Elf: Ernie Crashes the Meat & Greet and Gives Todd a Call

Ernie the Christmas elf made an appearance at K&M’s Meat & Greet today, and he was as snarky as ever! Todd borrowed his uncle’s log splitter without his permission, broke it, and they haven’t spoken […]


(AP Photo/Jeff Geissler)

Watch a 1998 Commercial for Roger Daltrey in ‘A Christmas Carol’

On November 27, 1998, Madison Square Garden opened its 5th season of ‘A Christmas Carol”…starring The Who’s frontman.


(Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images)

15 Tips For Surviving Your Alcohol-Fueled Celebration

Holiday celebrations can be fun, but also lead to excessive drinking – which can be rough the next day. But thankfully, there are plenty of ways to prevent the dreaded holiday hangover. Here are the steps you can take to enjoy your holidays and stay safe.


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10 Ways to Escape Your Family’s Holiday Cheer This Weekend

With a month of holiday cheer approaching, and one holiday already under your belt, you deserve a break. Here are 10 ways to escape your family’s holiday cheer this weekend.


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6 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

With the holidays coming up, we’re sure you want to give your dog some leftovers, but make sure to avoid these items.



Ernie The Elf Gives It To Shawn

Ernie went after a naughty Shawn today. Mr. Kringle himself had to get in on the action.


(Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

How to Manage Your Dysfunctional Family During the Holiday Meal

When the whole family gets together, you know it’s going to be crazy. Follow these tips to manage the chaos as much as possible.



Heather’s Little Headbangers!

Heather’s teaching her kids how to play the drums.

100.7 WZLX–01/07/2014

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Best Holiday Prank Ever? High School Student Scares People While Dressed as a Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas, suckers! Watch as students and teachers get freaked out by a student disguised as a Christmas tree.



K&M’s Annual Xmas Gift Exchange!

The Karlson and McKenzie morning show celebrates Christmas a little early with their very own gift exchange.

100.7 WZLX–12/20/2013



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