Ernie the Elf Calls Up SophiaSophia got a call from the little elf known as Ernie.
Did Kevin Discover What He's Getting For Christmas?Kevin brought up how he might have discovered what he's getting for presents based on the ads popping up on the family computer.
K&M Gifts And Games Over the HolidaysKevin was not happy that Pete regifted his Patriots fighermen hat but that didn't seem to phase Pete because he beat some of his relatives in a card game.
What Do Twenty-Somethings Want For Christmas?Pete's daughter Samantha was at a holiday party where she kept asking twenty-somethings what they wanted for Christmas. Some of the answers may surprise you!
[Boston Emissions 12.20.15] Petty Morals, The Neighboorhoods, Morphine, Guster, Belly, Amazing Royal Crowns, Wargasm, Strip Mind, Parlour Bells, Aloud, Dogmatics, Bosstones, Speed Fossil, Merrie AmsterburgBoston Emissions with Anngelle Wooed | Sundays at 10pm on 100.7 WZLX The Rock of Boston and New England. Home of the Rock & Roll Rumble.
Tips To Keep Your Christmas Tree From Drying Out This SeasonWith a live tree comes a little bit of care, lest your tree dry out and look like Charlie Brown's by Christmas Eve.
K&M Recap Their Boston Pops 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' ReadingKevin and Pete were invited by the Boston Pops and maestro Keith Lockhart to do a reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and apparently they nailed it!
The Majority Of Us Are "Boomerang Gifters" At The HolidaysAre you a boomerang gifter? No, it doesn't mean you're getting someone a uniquely Australian gift.
What You Need This Year: Christmas Carols Sung By GoatsYes, the World Wide Web - specifically YouTube - has seen fit to string sound clips of goats together to the tune of a number of popular Christmas Carols.
The Weirdest Gifts Given At The Office Secret Santa PartyWe may want to consider educating our colleagues on gift cards next year.
20 Somethings Want What for Christmas?!Pete's daughter went to a Christmas party where gifts were exchanged and she asked the twenty something crowd what they wanted.
This Year, The Internet Will Send Coal For Christmas To Whoever You LikeNeed to get a message across this Christmas, namely one to your enemies or friends with a sense of humor?

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