Ernie the Elf Takes on GabeGabe is a Taylor Swift loving older gent with a pony tail that Ernie had to set straight for Santa. Hear how the call went down.
Nothing Says 'Happy Holidays' Like a Slipknot Christmas Lights Display!Nothing shouts Christmas cheer like a light-up snowman headbanging to Slipknot's 'Psychosocial'.
Bill Murray Will Wish You a 'Very Murray Christmas' This DecemberIt was announced Murray was working on a Christmas special with director Sofia Coppola for Netflix, and now there's a video teaser.
Karlson Got a Surprise Pie to the Face on Christmas [VIDEO]A relative at Kevin Karlson's family Christmas SMASHED a whipped cream pie right in Kevin's face, and Kevin just took it all in stride. Click through to see it!
Karlson & McKenzie Exchange their Christmas Gifts in the Studio [VIDEO]K&M led the WZLX Gift Exchange this month. Now it's time to exchange gifts with each other. Watch and see what everyone got.
Ernie the Elf Speed Dials the Last Naughty Ones on His ListErnie the Christmas Elf is very busy so he had to speed dial the rest of the naughty people on his list. Listen to how it went down.
2014 Year-In-Review Christmas LettersYou know those annoying letters people send at Christmas with how they did all year? Well we decided to write ours and read them on air.
We Found Out That a Certain Christmas Carol is Based in MassachusettsWe came across a story about Jingle Bells. Turns out the story is based right here in the Boston area. Listen to Kyna Hamill explain.
ChuckTV: The ZLX Christmas PartyWe're busy here at the North Pole err.. WZLX studios.. putting a cap on another great year. What better way to celebrate than with a company Christmas party with co-workers!
The Scary Snowman Prank is Back and Terrorizing Rhode IslandThe hilarious Scary Snowman is back in season! Watch him make a whole new batch of victims jump out of their shoes. This time he preys on Newport, Rhode Island.
Ernie Takes Naughty Melissa to Task!Melissa has been a bad girl regarding her wedding. It was brought to Ernie the Christmas Elf attention to take care of. Take a listen.
Ernie the Christmas Elf Takes Lazy Ben to Task Over "Work"Ben doesn't work much. Ernie learned of this and probed about it.
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