What Happened to Metalhead Mike’s Car?The show noticed that Metalhead Mike was in a bad mood this morning and Heather said rightfully so.
Kevin Karlson’s Wife Doesn’t Like His CarShe finally asked him if he could get a new muffler because it keeps waking her up in the early morning. Kevin went over the particulars of his car. Jackson pulled Kevin’s car around and Mike used his microphone to hear the muffler.
Is Jackson Getting a Car?Jackson has been complaining about his car ever since we had him on the air and it seems that it’s not going to recover from the rusted bucket of bolts ailment. He is worried to even drive the thing 20 miles!
One of Kevin's Car Servicing Tricks Worked!Kevin & Pete got an email from a listener over the Thanksgiving break about how one of Kevin's tricks when getting your car serviced actually worked!
Is Kevin Insecure About His Car?Does it sound like Kevin is insecure about it or just mad?
California Man Channels Keith Moon, Ends Up All Wet (VIDEO)
Prank Proves That Hot Girls Can Get Guys To Do Almost Anything [VIDEO]Hand to God, if you were approached by this girl in the beach parking lot playing the damsel in distress act, you'd be trying to get her keys out of the car too.
Braden Goes To Traffic Court Part 2The K&M Crew is filled with felons.
Cut Your Holiday Travel Time In Half [VIDEO]Traveling this Thanksgiving? Get there in half the time with this helpful video...
Watch This High Speed Chase... In a Smart Car [VIDEO]Who knew they could drive fast?
NH Governor John Lynch: My Favorite Racer Is.....
If You Think You Can Drive Fast... Think Again [VIDEO]Wanna see what a Formula 1 race looks like from the driver's point-of-view?

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