Pats Punter Zoltan Mesko!Zoltan Mesko phones in to talk about last nights game!
Ernie The Christmas Elf Teaches Elizabeth a LessonLet's see who Ernie spreads some Christmas cheer to today!
Pats Punter Zoltan Mesko!Pats punter Zoltan Mesko calls in and talks all things Patriots!
K&M Mugshot of the Day: Diaperface! [PHOTO]Gives new meaning to the phrase "verbal diarrhea!"
Scared Straight Santa: Alan The Kid TerrorSanta calls Alan and scares him in to being a good little boy!
Ernie The Christmas Elf Calls Antonio The Fat Burnout!Ernie the Elf calls another unsuspecting naughty little boy, and lets him know that Santa is watching!
Gangnam Style Christmas Lights! [VIDEO]A guy rigs his Christmas lights to the beat of "Gangnam Style". AWESOME!
Contestant Dies After Cockroach Eating Contest [VIDEO]Next time you think about competing in a roach eating contest...think again.
Pats Punter Zoltan Mesko!Pats Punter Zoltan Mesko makes his weekly call to the show to talk all things Patriots!
Game Night at the Karlsons!It's game night at the Karlson's, and Kevin's mother-in-law does not like to lose!
Ernie the Christmas Elf Strikes Again!Ernie the Christmas Elf calls a couple of unsuspecting people and confronts them about their past indiscretions.
Comic Legend Steven Wright In Studio!Comedian Steven Wright, drops by the studio and leaves us in stitches!

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