Boston Emissions 5.11.14 ::: Will Dailey, When Particles Collide, Actor/Observer, The Okay Win, Muck & the Mires, Razors in the Night
Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood 3/16/14: Celebrating Rock 'n' Roll Rumble History + Special Guest Band, The Information!
Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood: 3/9/14 with Mellow Bravo, Animal Talk, Thought Transfer, Rumble Prelim Selection
Await Rescue // Class of 2014Await Rescue are a four piece, straight-up guitar driven rock ‘n’ roll band from Boston. Their quest for rock began in 2006, with a path guided by bands such as A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Queens of the Stoneage, The Mars Volta, and Soundgarden.
Yellabird // Class of 2014A chance meeting can yield the most promising results. That was certainly the case with Yellabird.
Butterknife // Class of 2014Butterknife is a Boston guitar, bass and drums rock band influenced by 90s indie rock, 80s pop, and constant musical debates - Who has the better debut record, Elvis Costello or Joe Jackson? What's the greatest Duran Duran single? Steve Albini vs Mutt Lange? Who wears a Nudie suit best - Mike Mills or Jeff Tweedy? It goes on.
Tigerman WOAH // Class of 2014
Vary Lumar // Class of 2014Formed in 2004, Boston’s Vary Lumar are known for their penchant for smart, textured, and catchy post-prog rock and a live show as dynamic and ethereal as that of Pink Floyd, The Cure, or Radiohead.
Doom Lover // Class of 2014Leaning heavily on the alt-rock button, Doom Lover is, on any given night, at least two things at once. Driven by one intention, but many methods, they craft haunted rocks songs delivered with equal parts aplomb and tenderness.
Emma Ate The Lion // Class of 2014Emma Ate The Lion are a progressive/post-hardcore band from Plymouth, MA. Formed in late 2008, the band began carving out a name for themselves with extremely energetic live shows, along with powerful and catchy songs and impressive musicianship.
Sinnet // Class of 2014Sinnet is the musical universe of Aaron Spransy. The Wisconsin native settled in Boston, playing guitar around town for indie-pop melody makers The Fatal Flaw.
Feints // Class of 2014In a funky Victorian House in Somerville, the band ate, drank, and slept rock ‘n’ roll for a solid year. The mission was clear; make the music that takes everyone back to their own personal rock ‘n’ roll happy place.

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