Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' is Back on the Charts: Here's How It Got There"The Dark Side of the Moon" refuses to quit. Thanks to a new ranking system on the Billboard 200, Pink Floyd's legendary album album is back in the top 20.
Foo Fighters to Perform on "Letterman" an Entire Week for "Sonic Highways"The Foo Fighters are taking over "Letterman: next week. They are set to perform all next week in support of their new album "Sonic Highways".
Robert Plant is Sending Jimmy Page a Message with His Incredible New AlbumWho needs a second Led Zeppelin reunion anyway? While getting them back together would be incredible, Robert Plant continues to make great solo music - and Jimmy Page ought to try it out himself.
Foo Fighters' New Album Is Officially Called 'Sonic Highways' - Here's the Track ListThe Foo FIghters' new album is officially called "Sonic Highways", and will feature eight tracks along with guest appearances by Joe Walsh and many others.
Pink Floyd's New Album Being "Spacey" Might Be The Least Shocking News EverThe new album from Pink Floyd called "The Endless River" is one of rock's most anticipated releases of the fall. And since it's Pink Floyd, it should come as no surprise that the record has been described as "very spacey".
Why 'Man Down' is the Perfect Title for the New AC/DC AlbumAC/DC have a new album coming out this year, and it's possibly titled "Man Down". Here's why that title is absolutely PERFECT for this record.
Led Zeppelin Previews a Very Different Early Version of "Whole Lotta Love"Robert Plant may have officially killed the idea of a Led Zeppelin reunion forever, but we can at least hear a crazy early version of "Whole Lotta Love" that hadn't seen the light of day until now.
The Allman Brothers Band are Releasing Their 1971 Boston Common Concert as a Live AlbumThe Allman Brothers Band performed on the Boston Common back in 1971. That very show is getting its first official release from the band this month.
Foo Fighters Recording New Album: 12 Songs in 12 Different Studios?The Foo Fighters are set for another big year in 2014 with their new album, which is being made "in a way that no one's ever done before". What should we expect from the new record's unique approach?
Listen to Audio Samples From Boston's New Album "Life, Love & Hope"After more than a decade of production, Boston's new album "Life, Love & Hope" is ready for its December 3 release and audio previews of each of the album's 12 tracks are available online.
AC/DC Premiere 'Live at River Plate' Album Ahead of ReleaseThe biggest, loudest band in the world is back as AC/DC returns with their first live album in 20 years. "Live at River Plate" takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the band last played in 1999 in front of over 200,000 people.
Deep Purple Tribute Stars Metallica, Iron Maiden, Santana and MoreOne of the pioneering records of heavy metal music, Deep Purple's Machine Head influenced countless future rock musicians. Many of those influenced by the album are now giving back, as Metallica, Iron Maiden and others have contributed covers of each track on the classic LP as part of a special Deep Purple tribute.

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