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Second Time Is A Charm Senseless Survey

The first guy Kevin called went to voicemail but the second time really paid off. Hear how long the 2nd guy lasted for with all the questions Kevin had.


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This Guy Is Missing Something…

TLC aired a special about a guy that is missing something important. Listen to what he is missing and how he deals with other aspects of his life because of it.


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MMA Fighting Went To The Toilet In This Match

Some amateur MMA fighting was going down and one guy was getting beat so bad that he lost control of a certain bodily function.



Trash Panda Senseless Survey

This woman that, according to Kevin, sounded like an old aunt and lasted a decent amount time.


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Kevin Had An Awkward Bathroom Encounter

Kevin was using a handicapped bathroom stall at a casino over the weekend. Hear what happened when he left said stall.


Photo: Kevin Karlson/Twitter)

K&M Recap The Flutie 5k Race

K&M were down at the Flutie 5k race over the weekend playing the role of hosts.



Vending Machine Senseless Survey

One question about a vending machine caught this woman’s attention among other funny survey topics.


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North Carolina, We Promise Kevin Karlson Wasn’t Conducting Senseless Surveys In Your State

One of the questions that was recently asked of North Carolinians sounds like it should be in the nonsensical survey that Kevin does each weekday on Karlson & McKenzie.


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Porn Site Helps Women During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pornhub put out a video of a woman describing how to give yourself a breast exam in honor of breast cancer awareness month.


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Woman Freaks Out Over Bear Eating Her Kayak

This woman sprayed a bear with pepper spray which caused him to go after her kayak.