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The “Are You on Drugs?” Senseless Survey

This woman thought Kevin was on drugs today with his questions. Do you feel the same? Take a listen.


(Kevin Winter/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

What Do Eminem & Bob Dylan Have In Common?

Eminem recently dropped a freestyle rap on everyone blasting many people. So we decided to have “Bob Dylan” try his hand at it. Take a listen.


(Photo: @KevinKarlson/Twitter)

K&M Night Lowell Spinners Recap

The Spinners hosted K&M last night from WZL…K? Hear the great time we had.


Senseless Survey DL

Your Friday Senseless Survey!

Here is the “staycation” survey to kick off your weekend. Take a listen!


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Lobster Brewed Beer – Cruel or Delicious?

A brewery in Maine (of course) is making beer brewed with live lobsters. Would you drink it? Is that cruel to the lobsters?



“Family Recipe For Ice Cubes” Senseless Survey

Happy Pre-Friday! Get senseless with today’s Senseless Survey!


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What Commercial Made Kevin Feel Old?

Kevin was up late last night watching TV and a commercial came on that immediately struck a chord of old.


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Producer Jackson Goes Tailgating at Neil Young

What did the tailgaters have to say to Jackson?


LAS VEGAS - MARCH 24:  A general view of the Fabulous Las Vegas sign on Las Vegas Boulevard on March 24, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

A Listener Went To Vegas Because Kevin Goes

Gloria called up to let Kevin know that she went to Vegas based on what Kevin has told us about his trips. Listen to the call.


Pete Hugging Kevin

Want To Hear K&M From 30 Years Ago?

Kevin found a box full of old airchecks from previous radio stations which gave us a chance to relive their Top 40 days.