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Lumberyard or Sex Jargon

Kevin was at Koopman Lumber mingling with some listeners and played a little game of Lumberyard or Sex Talk.


Friday Senseless Survey Time!

This will help you get through the weekend. Listen to the latest Senseless Survey from today.


Will Pete Ever Golf With Jackson Again?

Pete took Jackson to a big boy golf course Wednesday and Pete had a few issues with Jackson.


Kevin Doesn’t Like Podcasts

There was a podcast put up that Kevin believed shouldn’t have.


Producer Mike Recaps “Belles Of the Brawl”

Hear Producer Mike’s recap and Kevin trying to make Mike uncomfortable.


Frosting Anything Today Senseless Survey

This woman was annoyed but hung in there. Listen to see if she completed the survey or hung up on Kevin.


What Do You Think of Sneezing Girl?

We came across a story about a girl that won’t stop sneezing and had a little fun with it but Heather didn’t seem to like it.


Pete Has Some Golf Fashion Troubles

Pete has a problem with his chest hair bothering him while playing golf so he called up an Aunt to help him out.


Kevin Found a New Porn Genre Involving Food

So Kevin was what we will call snooping for now around the internet and came across a new fetish involving a sweet bakery treat.


Second Time Is A Charm Senseless Survey

The first guy Kevin called went to voicemail but the second time really paid off. Hear how long the 2nd guy lasted for with all the questions Kevin had.


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