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Kevin Finds Stolen Wallet, Immediately Gets Accused of Stealing It

Kevin went to pick up some trash, but he also found something much more valuable: someone’s wallet. You won’t believe the wallet owner’s reaction when Kevin tried to return it.


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Senseless Survey: Eating Out Of A Soap Dish

Kevin’s subject today is actually quite cooperative – 12 questions total. Why do soap dishes exist if you can’t eat soap like food? And how many times a year on average do you google “How to dispose of a dead body”?



Who’s the Friendliest Person on the Show – And Who’s The Biggest Bitch?

Kevin accused Heather of being unfriendly and walking around the office like a “bitch”. She begs to differ, and calls Kevin out on his nonsense.



Pete on the Street: President Obama’s Credit Trouble

President Barack Obama recently admitted his credit card got declined, so Pete decided to hit the streets of Boston to see how many people have this problem in common with our Commander in Chief.


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Jackson Goes to the Head of the Charles Regatta

K&M phone screener Jackson went to the annual Head of the Charles regatta to meet some people and even some of the rowers. So just what exactly is a “coxswain”, anyway?



Mugshot of the Day: Why You Should Avoid Online Dating

A woman tried to break into the home of a man she met online, and got caught…because she got stuck in the chimney…


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Kevin’s Daughter Texts From the Pumpkin Festival Riots in New Hampshire

When your daughter texts you asking about the smell of tear gas and pepper spray, you know she’s not in a good place.


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Stand-Up Throwdown: Jackson vs. Laurie

Jackson returned to defend his stand-up throwdown crown, this time against intern Lori – who is an aspiring comic herself. How did Jackson do this time around?


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Rob Gronkowski is Basically Chris Griffin From ‘Family Guy’

After a caller suggested that Rob Gronkowski laughs exactly like Chris Griffin from “Family Guy”, they decided to compare the two voices. Turns out the caller was absolutely SPOT-ON.


In this publicity image released by FremantleMedia N.A., host Steve Harvey, is shown with the Foster family during a taping of the game show, "Family Feud." (AP Photo/FremantleMedia N.A.)

‘Family Feud’ Just Had One Of Its Filthiest Moments Ever [VIDEO]

Every now and then a contestant blurts out something dirty on “Family Feud”. They just had an all-timer recently, when a woman was asked which part of her husband’s body she would change if she could. You won’t believe what body part she said.



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