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The Ohio State Marching Band’s Incredible Tribute to Classic Rock is a MUST-See

The marching band at Ohio State University has become known for its ridiculously complex choreography this season, in addition to honoring to some great music. This past weekend they paid tribute to classic rock, and it was glorious.


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Boston Man Seeks Ebola Apocalypse Companion

Man seeking fertile woman to escape the Ebolaclypse with. Are you his match?


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Ozzy Osbourne Felt ‘Excited’ on 9/11: ‘It Was My Kind of Craziness’

As much as I want to give Ozzy Osbourne the benefit of the doubt and say he was just making a (morbid and tasteless) joke, it’s impossible to defend anyone making light of the September 11 terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center and killed nearly 3,000 people. Ozzy done put his foot in his mouth here.


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Men in Rhode Island Really Need To Grow Up, According to This New Study

An interesting new study that attempts to rank the immaturity of men in all 50 U.S. states has come out. And while the New England states are mostly in the clear, Rhode Island ranks at the “top” of the list of the most immature men in the country.


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Canucks Anthem Singer Straps on Skates, Immediately Face-Plants on the Ice [VIDEO]

This is why the Bruins don’t let Rene Rancourt wear skates. The Canucks’ national anthem singer decided to take things up a notch by skating while he performed. This turned out to be a terrible and hilarious idea.


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Pink Floyd Just Released More Audio From ‘The Endless River’ – And It Sounds Familiar…[VIDEO]

Ready for more audio from the new Pink Floyd album “The Endless River”? The guys just posted a new preview, and it sounds awfully familiar.


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There’s a “Singing Road” on Old Route 66 [VIDEO]

You can play “America, the Beautiful” with your car if you’re driving through New Mexico. Should we add a song to the roads in Boston?


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Malcolm Young of AC/DC Reportedly Being Treated for Dementia in Australia

AC/DC just announced their newest studio album, but the announcement also came with the sad news that Malcolm Young is leaving the band indefinitely due to undisclosed health issues. Now, it’s being reported that Malcolm is being treated for dementia at a hospital in Australia.


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Pink Floyd “Endless River” Teaser Clip Goes Online

Pink Floyd’s “The Endless River” has remained an endless mystery, until now. Click through to hear the first audio teaser from the new album.


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My First Time Hearing Jimi Hendrix: Like Nothing Before or Since

Chuck Nowlin recalls the very first time he heard Jimi Hendrix. Like rock & roll fans around the world, he was in awe of what he was hearing, and knew right away that Jimi was taking guitar to another level.



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