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British musician Roger Waters sits between the stones of the broken wall. The picture was taken during the rehearsal on Friday, July 21, 1990 in East Berlin, and is part of the Roger Waters concert “The Wall” which will be performed on Saturday on the former death - strip of the Berlin Wall. "The Wall" is an album by the British rock group Pink Floyd that Waters wrote.  He is no longer a member of the band. (AP Photo/Hansjoerg Krauss)

Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 22 in Classic Rock History

In 1987, Roger Waters brought his “Radio K.A.O.S.” tour to Great Woods. What radio DJ was part of the program, playing a radio announcer onstage?


(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 21 in Classic Rock History

Alice Cooper played the Common on this day in 1971. How many albums did he have out at that point?


(AP Photo/Geffen, William Hames)

Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 20 in Classic Rock History

In 1993 Aerosmith shot the video for the single “Cryin’” at a church in Fall River. Lizzie Borden and her family worshipped there in the 1800’s. Which church?


(Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 19 in Classic Rock History

Happy birthday to Pete Townshend. Talking about birthdays, the hero of the “Tommy” album, the boy Tommy, was supposed to be a girl originally. What was her name?


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Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 18 in Classic Rock History

In 1990, the Rolling Stones “Urban Jungle” tour began in Rotterdam. That tour did not play America, the group unfolding another stage set and name earlier in 1989. What was that U.S. tour?


(Photo By Milwphil (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Sunday Morning Blues Exclusive: Acclaimed Producer/Songwriter Tom Hambridge Joins Carter Alan

Tom Hambridge has produced and written songs for some of the best artists in blues and country for much of the past two decades. The acclaimed bluesman joined Carter ALan on Sunday Morning Blues to talk about his tour with Buddy Guy and experiences working in the studio.


American rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix performing with The Jimi Hendrix Experience at the Monterey Pop Festival, California, USA, June 18, 1967. (Bruce Fleming/AP Images)

Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 17 in Classic Rock History

In 1969, Jimi Hendrix played the Rhode Island Auditorium in Providence. What band was he fronting at that time?


Ronnie James Dio (AFP/Getty)

Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 16 in Classic Rock History

Ronnie James Dio passed away on this day in 2010 from stomach cancer after putting up a long and brave fight. The famous singer did have formal training on an instrument which he did become quite proficient at. What instrument?


(Photo by Storm Thorgersson)

Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 15 in Classic Rock History

On this day in 1970, Pink Floyd played a major concert at the Crystal Palace Garden in London. At that early point in their career, what album had they released early in the year?


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Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: May 14 in Classic Rock History

In 1998, Frank Sinatra passed away. Bono and Edge of U2 wrote a song for the Chairman of the Board to record, but he did get the chance before he died. What song?