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Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 25

“The Beatles,” double album (later known as ‘The White Album’) was released on this day in 1968. We all remember the first and last songs on the album…well, maybe you don’t. What are they?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 24

Freddie Mercury passed away on this day in 1991 due to AIDS-related causes. What was the last Queen album he managed to participate in the recording of before he died?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 21

In 1988 Pink Floyd released its “Delicate Sound of Thunder” live album. It was not their first in-concert audio release, however. What preceded this?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 20

In 2005, former members of the Cars announced their intention to reform as the New Cars with Todd Rundgren on lead vocals and guitar. Which of the original Cars were in on this project?


The Beatles - "Anthology 2"

Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 19

In 1995, Part 1 of the Beatles “Anthology” series aired on television, debuting the first new Beatles song in 25 years – “Free as a Bird.” It was a successful chart hit, reaching what number?


photo credit: Maria Ives

Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 18

Happy birthday to Kirk Hammett of Metallica. He joined the band all the way back in 1983 from what group?


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Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 16

Roger Waters “Radio Kaos” Tour played the Centrum on this night in 1987. He had a live radio DJ on the road to narrate the “Radio Kaos” play as a character in the show. Which jock did he choose?


James R. Anderson/courtesy of Rhino Records

Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 15

The Grateful Dead released their “Shakedown Street” album on this day in 1978. In a departure, they had a musician produce the album for them. Whom?


(Roger Jackson/Central Press/ AP Photo)

John Lennon Bet Elton John That Their Single Wouldn’t Be A Hit

So who won the bet, and what did it entail?


Neil Young (Pegi Young for Warner Brothers Records)

Rock N’ Roll Diary: November 14

Neil Young released “Live Rust” on this day in 1979. It was recorded on the “Rust Never Sleeps” tour with what backing band?



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